From the Minneapolis Star Tribune


Three articles on the Viking game today in the Star Tribune website.
This was the only mention of Keenum…

“And against his former team, Case Keenum was efficient enough to keep the Vikings’ offense moving. He avoided a big mistake on a couple of throws that could have been intercepted. Keenum hit 27 of his 38 passes for 280 yards, with 65 of them coming on one play as Adam Thielen turned a short throw into the score that put the Rams away”.

The guy gets so little respect, but he laughs at it and thrives on it!

Freaking Idiots.

(Gary Taylor) #2

THe Star Tribune is probably like the Houston Chronicle. THey have their favorites and no one can tell them that is not the only game in town. Obviously the newspaper wants Brigewater to be the QB and no one else will do.

(G.W.) #3

How can a backup keep winning? Must be everyone else. But when he was on crap teams like the Texans and Fisher’s Rams then it was all Case’s fault they were losing. If only they could get a better QB.

Someone posted somewhere that, thoug CK is about 40% in winning pct when he starts. Those same teams, without him, win about 20%.

And since this is a Star QB league, they want their star to be Bridgewater since he does not have the scars of playing behind crap OLines.

(Brad) #4

They showed the play of the game in the Minnesota game after the Texans game. A 1-2 yard TD run by a RB, right up the middle. I thought it was a bizarre play to get singled out.


There is a big star bias that is in place everywhere. I hate that the underlying Case is a retread, backup perspective is rampant; but, we know Case is beyond humble and is playing his game. Like any other QB, they have their strengths and are rarely the the leader to make or break a team. Case has found his niche.