Full UH Schedule

(Alfred Matthews) #1

Comes out tomorrow. The AAC announcing the conference schedule. We already know who we facing OOC.

(gpropes) #2


This conference loves 11 AM.


Unfortunately for the UH fan base, the ESPN contract will result in the best teams (like UH) in the AAC often being put on TV in the 11:00 am time slot.

(Patrick) #5


Early bye week this time.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #7

Dang, no Black Friday home game to close out the season…at least we will have the AAC championship at home


Two Thursday night home games. Crap.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

IF Applewhite cant win 10 games with this schedule i don’t know what to do.


I like the bye week being after an easy TSU and before conference. We should be fresh for AAC play. We have our token 2 Thursday night games and Friday after Thanksgiving AM game (likely 11am for @Memphis).

Now we just need some 11am home games and it will be just another year of being jacked around by ESPN. Arizona is not likely 11am since it is west coast and TSU is a small opponent which ESPN probably won’t televise, so look for USF and Temple to both be put at 11am probably USF on ESPN2 and Temple on ESPNU if I had to guess. There is a chance only one of those get put at 11am and we’d likely escape with only one 11am home game which would be nice.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

Kickoff times for the first 3 weeks usually happen in June. If I had to bet, Rice will be a night game, Tech a day game, Zona a night game and TSU a night game.

(gpropes) #12

Way-too-early schedule thought. That three-game stretch of @Navy, USF, and @SMU will determine whether we’re contenders or pretenders this year.


I agree. I could see Rice and Arizona possibly being a night game on CBSSN or ESPN3 as well.

I think the likeliest start times are:
@Rice - 2:30 or 6pm CBSSN/ESPN3
Arizona - 2:30 or 6pm ESPN2/ESPNU
Texas Southern - 6pm ESPN3
Tulsa - Thursday 7pm ESPN
USF - 11am EPN2
Temple - 11am ESPNU/ESPN News
Tulane - Thursday 7pm ESPN


I could easily see 8-4. We’ll know a lot more after the Arizona & TTech games obviously. You could flip the W & L between the (what we did last year basically) and I’d feel the same about the rest of the season. Lose both though and it probably lines up 7-5 or 6-6.

Then again, breaking in a new O maybe we do open 2-2 but put it all together and win the AAC West. It could happen. Would hope but not hold my breath.

Homecoming 10/27 vs USF or 11/10 vs Temple?


Please no 11:00am games!!!


I agree. We should be relatively fresh for that run being off an easy TSU, bye week, Thursday game then 10 days off then @ECU to get the normalcy/rhythm of Saturday games back. I think there is a great chance for us to roll with this schedule.

(gpropes) #17

Remember that the Rice game is part of C-USA’s inventory.

Their TV deals expired last year (except for their deal with beIN). And there’s been no news to date on new deals.

Final tidbit - C-USA will have two other games of interest in their inventory that weekend - SMU at North Texas, and Indiana at FIU.

(Alfred Matthews) #18

i might change my prediction to a day game for rice. i forgot they play prarie view a week before us so technically that is their “home opener”. zona will most certainly be a night game. too much storyline behind it with sumlin and the fact its our season opener.


I hate the 5 day turn around between Temple and Tulane because of the veer.


There is absolutely no chance of that happening. Get used to it.

I don’t hear Texan fans complaining about 12pm games 6 times a year.