Fund and games (from 2014) AAC $ windfall

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Interesting read from 2014.
UH 2nd round in 2018 - How much $?
AAC made a huge $ windfall in early days.

" Even if your college basketball team doesn’t win a game, you win $1.67 million."


By my calculations, the AAC picked up $ 8,350,000. Is that a split among all the teams of do the 3 schools that earned it get a little more of the money. BTW does the NIT pay money to Temple for their appearance?

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It’s split evenly between all schools.

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Expense money should come out first, then split up . . . . .

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This years NCAA Tourney $.

“Schools are, essentially, rewarded one financial unit by the NCAA for each game they play in the NCAA Tournament (excluding the NCAA title game). This year, the NCAA has said that those units are worth $273,000. A team that plays in the NCAA Tournament earns that unit for the next six years.”


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Is that this years units to date? I thought we had five.

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We do, he didn’t include The AQ units since every conference gets one automatically.


Oh I see now, “units earned”. Good eye.