Future of conference realignment

@digitx it’s just giving the more valuable programs what they are worth.

There is no law which requires all conference members be paid the same. It’s just a gentleman’s agreement.

That is the perceived ‘market value’ if we want to call it that, at this point in time. There was a time when Texas would not have been included in that group, nor Clemson. So now they would be giving these teams more advantages and limiting other teams from competing. You can say there is no law requiring conference members be paid the same, but there is more than a gentleman’s agreement at play here.

There is a correlation between the so-called P5 money from football and academic resources for a given school. I think the latest example that I saw was Utah. While private schools may not be as affected (Rice will be ok), state schools are definitely affected. This is why Khator is making such a push.

Might as well bust up the conferences if tOSU or Michigan get that much extra money. What would be the point of having top heavy conferences ala B12? We’ve seen how that works.

Wow, All this discussion over potential revenue streams from Amazon, Netflix, etc.

People, This kind of imbalance is already happening. UT, UCLA, Ohio St., etc. have multi million dollar agreements with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, for uniforms, etc.

Would it not be great if UH got what some of those schools are receiving just to wear their uniforms. Hey, does Vanderbilt receive the same as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, etc. gets from snicker companies? How about Northwestern compared to Michigan, Ohio St. or Penn St.?

Since Amazon and Netflix is not cable or network free TV, they can be more like Nike.

Money is going to ruin college football for all of us


The Big 12 is working fine. All members are raking it in. Even if there is academic impact, it’s not Indiana right to expect that tOSU will sacrifice its revenue so Indiana can benefit.

Conferences by their nature are gentleman’s agreeements. They will either die, or evolve into something new to cope with the changing revenue climate. I don’t see that as being a necessarily bad thing.

I would be interested to know what this “high ranking” executive’s valuation of CFB broadcast rights are or will be. And how that valuation differs from those of ESPN, Fox etc. The article talks about how much cash those companies have to spend. But what would any of those companies’ rate of return be?

Secondly, this discussion never once brought up in-state politics which is pretty important if you are talking about possibly prying one state school away from another.

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If the conference model is kept alive, you’ll have a situation of unequal revenue. That’s how it was in the last, and is currently the case in the Big 12 for tier 3. It’ll just be an extension of that.

The media value of the top 30-40 programs as a package deal will be higher than that of any conference.

Not really sure how it will work,
so the audience for UT for instance is only the folks who subscribe to netflix?
just because they have more money to spend on content doesn’t mean the product is more valuable.

if amazon and apple and netflix are competing with espn fox and cbs for instance …

i would think that this expands the money pool and competition for the top teams. And since the current contracts do not expire all at once there will still be conference alignment to look at.
top teams can’t just leave thier current contracts with out huge lawsuit

It seems that there may be some room to add other teams with growth potential to fill out positions in the new contracts…just not enough top teams to go along for all the interested providers.
and then there is the bowl games…who will buy that content…if this is done properly there could rise up a bunch of great college football funded by growing interest and populations
I don’t see titanic listing as much as the tide rising …that will lift a bunch of boats …potentially

Long article but interesting. The UH section is near the middle.


I’ve said it several times, UH offers the PAC more than any other conference. The PAC offers UH fans road trips to LA. Let’s do it.


More likely is a scheduling and full agreement with the big 12 which would give pac access to the central time zone and marquee games and eliminate the need for the big 12 to expand.

Yup. That was the scenario that was being floated when Larry Scott took over as PAC12 commisioner. It makes a great deal of sense for the Big 12 teams since strength of schedule plays a role in determining CFP rankings. OU, Texas, TCU, Tech and Okie State all have atleast one home and home series scheduled with a PAC12 opponent in the next 5 years.

Yeah I think this is the future, scheduling alliances. It’s a nice clean way to break apart from everyone while keeping up the guise of conferences and everything in the NCAA.

Personally, in my dream world. I love the idea of relegation. Every P5 can either align with a G5 or a cummalitive total for the G5’s. Top G5’s take over the relegated teams conference schedules and and see how they do. Even better if the the selection is done via draft. Like the NFL it helps make the sorry more year round driving more interest.

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Promotion/relagation would be an awesome thing. Keeps the blood fresh and EVERYONE on their toes. Doubt it’ll ever happen.


Yeah I figure it’s too good of an idea.

Rubbish!! playing a few NC games with Big 12 isnt going to solve the PACs problems!!! And i would wager that is not their intent at all…Their intent is to capture territory(schools) in central time zone and put together a far more attractive TV deal for 2023…Big 12 is doomed and everyone knows it.PAC along with BIG, figure to expand and Houston is going to get in on that deal because of our state, our market, who are nationally and what we bring…so some Big 12 schools have a home and home with a PAC school over next 5 years…SO WHAT?? We have 4 home and homes with PAC schools …what does THAT tell you?

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Nothing so far, but a public alliance where more than one game is filled is a different story don’t you think? An alliance gives the PAC and the big 12 exactly what they need. Into the central time zone and inventory for the pac. And elevated exposure and good tier 3 inventory for the 12. All while upgrading SOS.

The herbstreit mention says it all. espn/disney at this time is in bed with “some” of the P5 conferences. His comments are very concerning. It illustrates what the SEC, BIG 10, small twelve & ACC have done with the mouse empire. It makes no sense for Washington or any other PAC 12 Schools (other than ASU/UA in the Summer) to play at 7:45 p.m. So what would be the tv/ratings impact of a USC/UCLA at 1 p.m. PST? It would go in direct competition with other P5’s. What’s wrong with that? It is obvious
that some executives do not want people to look elsewhere. No true? Then why isn’t this happening already?

We would be smart to schedule UCLA every year on a home and home basis. It would be good
for recruiting youngsters if they could look forward to playing in the Rose Bowl and a L.A. following
for the coogs would help a lot when the PAC expands. We have to do everything we can because
we cannot expect UT to help. They see as as a rival in the negative sense. Once we are in the
PAC we will become a national power given our recruiting base.


As great at scheduling UCLA for a permanent home and Home would be, I don’t see that happening. Schools generally like to play different nonconference opponents, unless it’s a historical rival. UH may want it, I doubt UCLA would.

It may be easier to schedule a rotating home and home series with every PAC program.

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