(Randy Worrell) #1

Wondering which juniors do you think will be back next year?

(Patrick) #2

Probably back: Bretz, Hurdsman, Bielamowicz, and Hyland

Drafted: Triolo, Villarreal, Roedahl, maybe Lockhart (he returns if not drafted)

As far as the rest, tough to say whether they come back, leave for other opportunities, or the coaches force them out: Way, Etzel, Bayless, Henry, Champion, Esau


Bretz throwing mid 90’s–I doubt that he does not get drafted.

(Patrick) #4

Maybe, but he hasn’t pitched that much this year. Might get picked late.

(Joe) #5

Whenever he pitches there’s 5-10 scouts with radar guns. No doubt he gets drafted, the question is, does he get drafted early enough to actually take an offer.

(Randy Worrell) #6

We never know for sure who is coming back that is a jr.,but those 4 being back could really help.

(srassen7) #7

I agree that he’ll probably be back, but Hurdsman has solid numbers and was touching 95 on his fastball as a lefty last night. It kinda took me by surprise.

(Patrick) #8

Branham said on the radio that he thinks that radar gun was juiced a bit.

(srassen7) #9

It’d make sense, nothing else at Constellation Field was functioning well on Tuesday night lol.