G5 wild card players

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Athlon picked 3 guys from each G5 conference that could impact a team’s fortune this year; Catalon made the list:

Group of Five Wild Card Players in 2016

Duke Catalon, RB, Houston We all know how talented Cougars QB Greg Ward Jr. is. Judging by some of the things head coach Tom Herman has said about Catalon recently, Houston could end up having the most dangerous backfield in the nation. There is already NFL talent all over the field. If Catalon plays up to his potential, there may not be a Group of Five team that can hang with the Cougars.

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Love that statement. Love it!

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My, how times have changed.


I’m hoping, and maybe this a pipe dream, but CTH can do what Bob Stoops did in Norman. Let me explain…

In Stoops first year, with John Blake’s recruits, they went 7-5 and lost their bowl game. The next year, with one recruiting class under his belt, John Blake’s guys, he went 13-0 and won a National Championship.

Our own CTH, with CTL’s guys, went 13-1 in his first year, and won a NY6 bowl game, but it’s his second year, he’s got his guys coming in, the transfers, the staff, there’s no telling. And reading articles like this talking about Catalon and that there’s NFL talent all over the field, makes me believe that this could be something special.


Agree, but I like the philosophy of being 1-0 after each week, especially week one this year.

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Good point. There’s no doubt in my mind that Herman is NOT letting the players buy into the hype.


I loved it! Let the season start already. Beat OU in front of 70k fans. That will get you notice fast.