Galen Robinson Jr Highlights


galen is probably one of the most underrated players in the nation. and a big part of that is he doesnt put up big stats. and i saw in a smu forum that they “dont hope their athletic guards dont end up like galen robinson from houston”

whats special about his game doesnt show up in the stat sheet, i tried to capture that.

(jimmyschofield) #2

You can argue he’s the quickest player in college from baseline to baseline with the ball in his hands. Very underrated defensively. Great leader. Just needs to work on that jumper and free throw shooting.

(David) #3

Completely agree. I had a season ticket holder who wanted Robinson benched during AAC play. If the team didn’t have 3pt threats to complement him, Robinson might be a disadvantage.

For next year, I hope they work on taking advantage of mismatches when the defense ends up with a 4 or 5 on him on the perimeter by creating space in the paint for a dribble drive.

Robinson seems like the best dribbler since Goldwire. Let’s hope one of the new additions can help when Robinson is out.

(Patrick) #4

I felt Galen began attacking more as the season went on. Remember, he was recovering from injury this offseason and wasn’t ready until right before the season. Hampered him from a development standpoint.

I figure he’s going to improve leaps and bounds next year now that he’s healthy.

(Russel ) #5

He does so much it’s almost indescribable…I just think he needs to build confidence in his shot and he’ll be a bit better!

(Butch) #6

I agree…he is our fiery leader who has great handles and a great basketball IQ…he is able to get everyone involved and is great at getting the ball to open teammates. He was the backbone of this team and I thought he played better as the season progressed…probably because he was recovering from the injury.
Doubt the kid will ever be a prime time shooter but I noticed he drove inside as the season progressed. He also took some open shots from the baseline…so glad he will be back next year!
Never sell this young man short…