Galen Robinson’s Substantial Worldwide promotes purpose, positivity

“Find your purpose and pursue it. It’s something we live daily. Daily we are just trying to find out why we’re here, trying to find our purpose. And I feel like that’s relatable for everyone,” said Robinson.

Robinson, 22, has brought the tenacity he showed playing defense on the Hofheinz Pavilion and Fertitta Center courts with him to entrepreneurship.

Robinson splits his time between this new venture and his main focus, basketball. In October he will be attending San Antonio Spurs training camp. In the meantime, he spends his days making personal deliveries and promoting Substantial Worldwide on social media in between workouts to keep in prime basketball shape.

However, he says his real purpose goes beyond basketball or his business.

“My purpose is to serve as an inspiration… I just think that if you can inspire someone to be the best version of themselves simply off of you and your inspiration – and otherwise if you didn’t inspire them, they wouldn’t have reached that max potential – then that is worth its weight in gold,” Robinson said.

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I’ve bought a few items from him, the personal delivery was great!

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