Galen Robinson, the originator of UH's #ForTheCity slogan

(Patrick) #1

“Houston means the world to me,” Robinson said. “The city means everything to me.”

Sampson had seen what the widely-popular #HTownTakeover slogan did for the football program during its Peach Bowl season in 2015.

#HTownTakeover was so identifiable with football,” said Sampson, the daughter of coach Kelvin Sampson. “I knew we needed one, but one that was authentic to us.”

Soon the basketball program had rubber bracelets made with the hashtag that the players wear. “For The City” is on practice shirts. At a game against SMU this season, UH gave out 500 “For The City” T-shirts to fans. Everything the school’s athletic communications office posts on its basketball social media sites includes the hashtag.

“Next thing Lauren took it and ran with it and it’s been our slogan ever since,” Robinson said.