Game #3 - Liberty (W 68-66)

(Patrick) #1

Home game for the opponent. Liberty knocked off Wake Forest earlier in the year and was 21-14 last year. This would be a decent win, but the Coogs need to show up.

(Patrick) #2

CKS before the game:

  • We controlled the game for most of it, but they spread us out and we couldn’t keep them off the free throw line
  • Need more balanced scoring.
  • Missed 11 wide open 3’s
  • 3-10 from the line in the 2nd half
  • Not where we will be later in the season
  • Had teams that did this before, and we’ll get where we need to go
  • Corey and Van Beck are good shooters, and they just missed wide open shots. Probably won’t win if they continue to go 0-11
  • 31 games so you won’t go undefeated
  • Scored 80 points, lost 14 points at the free throw line, 2-18 from the 3 point lane. Pace and offense was good, but just didn’t hit shots
  • Defense is where young teams struggle. 4 new players out there trying to play defense, but aren’t there yet
  • Tough game today; Liberty beat Wake Forest. Lost to maybe the best team at this tourney (Mercer) who has 6 seniors and will be an NCAA tourney team. Almost beat UCF.
  • Liberty is a good team and well coached. Kept it close last year until the last part of the game.
  • Team has to relax and just play, not dwell on it.
  • Says that he needs to get Alley in there and White in there more and the vets need to play.
  • Liberty is a half-court team that will cut and try to slow it down. Defense is key today.

(Patrick) #3

Galen Robinson starting for Corey Davis today

(Patrick) #4

Coogs trying to go inside early, but it’s not working very well. 7-2 Liberty with 16:27 left.

(Patrick) #5

Van Beck hits his first 3…good sign

(Patrick) #6

9-5 Liberty at the first break. 3 turnovers early.

Zanna in

(Patrick) #7

12-6 Liberty with 12:20 as the Coogs continue to not be able to score.

2-8 from the field and 5 turnovers

(Patrick) #8

If you cant listen, here’s the gametracker

(Patrick) #9

9:56 left in the half, still 12-6 Liberty.

Coogs haven’t scored in 5 minutes. 2-12 now and 6 turnovers.

(Patrick) #10

Finally, Corey Davis with a 3 with 9:27 left makes it 12-9

(Patrick) #11

18-13 Liberty with 7:25 left in the half.

(Patrick) #12

22-18 Liberty with 3:53 left. Seems like an ugly game

(Patrick) #13

Coogs go into halftime with a 27-25 lead as Van Beck got hot.

Coogs shooting 33% to Liberty’s 32%. D.Davis has 10 while Van Beck has 9

(Patrick) #14

(CoogDentist) #15

Looks like this will stay close till the end.

(Patrick) #16

Coogs up 33-32 at the first break in the half.

(Patrick) #17

Zanna with 4 fouls and has to sit.

Tied 42-42 with 10:55 left. Van Beck with 16

(Patrick) #18

Liberty in the bonus now with 9:02 left in the half. Coogs down 46-45

(Patrick) #19

50-49 Coogs with 5:51 to go.

Brady crashing the boards and has 10 rebounds.

(Patrick) #20

55-54 Coogs with 4:07 left. Just can’t shake Liberty.

Gray heating up a bit, now has 14.