Game #4 - Wake Forest (W 78-73)

(Patrick) #1

Wake Forest comes in at 1-3.

(Patrick) #2

Good chance this could be a quality win later in the season. Even a below average ACC team may be in the top 100 of the RPI.

(Patrick) #3

Drexel lost to Mercer last night so the final is Mercer vs Colorado.

(Patrick) #4

CKS before the game:

  • Chemistry hasn’t happened yet, trying to figure it out
  • Galen and Corey Davis are the two best defenders
  • 3rd best defender is either Gray or Alley
  • Alley far behind because he missed so much time (7 weeks)
  • Wake Forest has good size - 3-7 footers
  • Crawford is their best player - ACC All-Conference player
  • 3 really good wings
  • Playing 3 games in 3 days, not about the scouting report, just get out their and play
  • Like to play faster than yesterday - Liberty was able to control the pace
  • Danny Manning is a good friend, he and his dad (truck driver)
  • Larry Brown hired his dad to be the coach so that Manning would sign at Kansas

(Patrick) #5

Same lineup as yesterday:

  • Galen
  • Gray
  • Van Beck
  • D. Davis
  • Brady

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(Patrick) #7

10-7 Coogs at the first media break (15:52). Galen leads the way with 4. Coogs are 5-6 from the field so far.

(Patrick) #8

18-18 with 11:37 left in the half. Both teams are on fire so far. 6 Coogs have scored with Robinson, Gray, and Zanna all with 4 points.

(CoogDentist) #9

I am trying to listen to the game and when I go to 950 Kprc on iHeartRadio it’s michael berry not the game. For all you tech guys what do I do to get the game?

(Patrick) #10

I don’t think you can listen on iHeart. You have to go to TuneIn and find 950

or have a subscription through All Access:

(Patrick) #11

Wake Forest in the bonus with 9 minutes to go as the Coogs continue to commit fouls at an alarming rate.

Wake Forest is 5-9 from 3 as they lead 25-24

(CoogDentist) #12

Thanks a bunch.

(Patrick) #13

30-24 Wake Forest with 7:43 left. Deacons are now 6-10 from 3 (Crawford is 3-4) and 8-8 from the line. Coogs haven’t shot a free throw yet.

(Patrick) #14

Coogs now in the bonus with 7 minutes to go.

(Patrick) #15

4:55 to go in the half, Wake Forest up 33-32.

Van Beck is on fire with 11 points…3-4 from 3

(Patrick) #16

Coogs up 35-33 as Van Beck hits another 3. 3:26 left in the half.

(Patrick) #17

Halftime: Wake Forest leads 42-41

Wake Forest has a 13 to 2 FT advantage right now which is basically the difference in the game. Bit questionable.

(Patrick) #18

(Patrick) #19

Brady with 4 fouls early in the half.

Coogs up 50-47 as Van Beck is still hot. 17:03 left

(Patrick) #20

51-50 Coogs with 15:31 to go.