Game cameras

I know we aren’t in a power 5 conference but our conference would like to say we are top 6. That being said, why were there so few camera angles for replay in this game? That one catch on the visitor sideline was a clear bobble from the visitor side seats but the only angles were from the home side. I looked around and didn’t notice cameras on the visitor side. It almost cost us a targeting too tell from the visitor side that he hit the QB with his hands and there was no helmet contact.

There should be a minimum number of cameras required for all conference games, no matter if it’s televised or not.

Because it was a CBS Sports telecast. Not ESPN.

That doesn’t give the excuse to have less cameras. There shouldn’t be rules based on having replays to watch and not have enough angles to use the replays properly.

There shouldn’t be replay. It just enables the crybabies and makes the game longer.

So you would prefer that a player get ejected from a game for a good hit?

I would prefer good tackling technique that focused on going for the center of gravity, wrapping up, and driving to the deck.

and if a player does that, gets mistakenly called for targeting and ejected from the game, so be it?

If he would have wrapped up, he most likely would have gotten a roughing the passer penalty. We had the perfect camera angle. No real helmet to helmet, just pushed in a blocking method with arms. Referee was in a bad position and threw the flag. The ref in the box got the call right.

I just mean overall with replay. One correct overturn doesn’t excuse a lot of negative side effects. Targeting wouldn’t be a rule if players were coached to use proper technique instead of going for big hits.

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