Game Day Red Zone Complementary Tix?

So, got an email “GAME DAY: Houston vs. Cincinnati 10.12.19” at 4:55pm today from

Scroll down and it says “Log in to your account to access your complementary tickets” for the Red Zone tailgate in the IPF. Logged in and tix are not complementary (albeit $5 ea.). No promo code that I could find.

Was planning on enjoying the weather pre-game with snacks and drinks with the fam. But, if there was free access to the IPF I might check it out since I’ve never been.

Anyone get the email and access the free tix?

Sounds like a scam

There is an email where it says season ticket holders get free tickets to the IPF for ONE home game. But you have to email the designated person on the email not the one that sent you the email. Cant get them online. More like RSVP then they will confirm then you can go.

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