Game Notes: #HTownTakeover at Temple

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Nothing but positive things to say, at this point!

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Here’s the thing, I don’t have a problem with you taking out your frustrations about a loss or disagreeing with people on this board. Plenty of people do and have done so and that wasn’t why you were blocked. Hell, I don’t even disagree with everything you’re saying. I do agree that Birden should get more touches than he has, but I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with Catalon based off video of the Arizona and Tech games so far and think he lack of production has more to do with poor offensive line blocking than anything he’s doing himself.

I do have a problem when I’m discussing a point with you and your response was to tell me that this is my first year watching football and that you’ve established that my opinion doesn’t mean anything when it comes to player evaluation or football. I’m not trying to be the thought police, you can feel free to think or feel however you want towards me, I honestly don’t care, but we’re trying to keep this board civil and not have the sort of personal attacks (no matter how mild) that are common on other boards. Some of the folks are here because they wanted to get away from that, especially on boards that aren’t being run by true Coogs, and it’s something we’ve tried to maintain after the transition.


HMy apologies for making it personal. I watched the games and while I did not study game film I look at Catalons body of work and personally I’m not impressed. I do find it interesting that when I quote a verifiable stat like 13 /18 there are rediculous comments like “that’s not even a stat”. Check out the box score for the San Diego State game. It actually shows 14/18 so I was off by 1 carry but he rushed for 18 yards. Not impressive and I haven’t been impressed since then.
Let the Catalon apologists commence with their rebuttal. Go Coogs!

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Stats are very one sided and misleading. A back is dependent on a lot of actors. We can all agree on that. Just like the QB position it always starts with the OL. I expect Catalon to have a breakout game against Temple. Catalon is back and has played very well at times. No back can do it by themselves. The OL is playing much better but we have major issues with players positioning. This where I have some huge questions mark on our Team. We keep repeating the same mistakes. Multiple reps makes you perfect. A five inch misplacement gets everyone out of alignment. This was true against UA all game long. It does not only affect bubble screens or read options but the entire playbook. Is this due to a new OC? I doubt it. This is where I want us to improve. We did against rice but took two steps back against ttl. Gibbs recognized it and exploited it. Other Teams will do the exact same thing. Discipline stars with us. We shot ourselves in the foot time time again in two against P5 defenses. This is not a coincidence. We are clearly in a transition year.


Stats from one game might be misleading. Stats from numerous games… well you decide, I have my opinion and have expressed it.


I love to watch the Coogs on replay after the game. To catch things I missed live. To hear what the announcers say about us. To focus on individual players.

I hope this game is one where we play well enough that I want to watch the replay.

I have not wanted to watch the replay of SDSU, Arizona and Tech. Once was enough for me re: those games.

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We need an ignore button very badly.
Couple of yokels have been taking out their issues on here 24/7.


Maybe you can just skip those yokels responses? Seems easy enough.

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Usual don’t feed the trolls but today is that day.

Skip 25-50 posts a day?
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Seems easy enough.


So you can post but I can’t? Got it. If my posts bother you feel free to respond, or not. Seems easy enough.

Wasn’t run off the other board by the way. You?

I was UHQB on the other Board. No mystery and not a great difference.


Nope. I’ve seen all of Temple I want to see.

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Yep, I’m not going to do a video review on this one.