Game of Thrones Season Eight


What are some of the biggest questions that you want answers to? Here are some of mine:

  1. Will Khaleesi become John Snow’s “Baby Mama?”

  2. Who will rule Westeros in the end?

  3. Will Tyrion Lannister become jealous of his diminished standing as an advisor and turn “heel?”

  4. Will Cersei ally her forces with those of the North?

  5. Which characters will die, and which will survive?

  6. What will ultimately happen with the dragons?

Feel free to chime in! I’d love to start a GOT discussion string!

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I’m so far behind. Still back in Season 6 with a couple of episodes to go.

Last Season.
Most of the main characters are going to die, horribly.
Rumor is, dead people in the crypts, Starks, will come back to life. Will they also be white walkers.
Tomorrow will be cool.

Martin has already reported that fans won’t like the ending … as to who survives and who doesn’t … which may explain why he won’t release his final book until the series has concluded … however the word is there will be A LOT of croaks at the battle of Winterfell …

The rumor is also that the final battle will be at Westeros … sooo does this mean the army of the dead fights Cersies paid army sans the elephants or does Aegon and Dany armies fight Cercie in the final battle …

So forget about Khaleesi becoming someone’s “Baby Mama.” Maybe (or maybe not), it’ll be Cersei first!

Still wonder if Tyrion will go bad now that he’s proven to be a crappy advisor.

And what to make of the Sansa-Jon-Dany upcoming power struggle…especially with Jon now knowing his true heritage and identity?

Also, I wonder how he now feels about porking his own aunt?

My prediction: Samwell kills Dany.

I think the way the premiere set things up made it obvious. He’s upset that she killed his brother (dad not so much), he knows Jon is the real king, and he’s already killed a White Walker so he can’t be underestimated.

Just my $0.02.

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That would indeed be an interesting “heel” turn. We’ll see.

He’s never been a particularly aggressive or vengeful character though. Could be interesting!

Right, he’s not. And to be fair his slaying of the White Walker was a fluke.

But if Sam does kill Dany, I don’t think it will be because of vengeance or rage, but rather to protect Jon.

Once Dany finds out the truth about Jon, it’s easy to see that relationship falling apart real quick (because she doesn’t take kindly to competitors to the throne and because she’ll be heartbroken by the fact that the guy she’s been shagging is her nephew). I can see a situation where Dany puts Jon’s life in danger and Sam, out of loyalty to Jon, murders Dany. (Of course, that will probably mean that Ser Jorah immediately kills Sam, which would be ironic because Sam saved Jorah from the greyscale, but that kind of irony is pure GOT.)

Apparently, GRRM has said that the TV series is going to end on a “bittersweet” note, which means that some main/beloved characters will probably not make it to the end.

This is just a hunch and I’ll probably be wrong. I’m just happy the season is finally here.

Saw Emily Clark say on some talk show that after seeing the ending, she had to take a long, meloncholy walk. Didn’t sound good for her.

Dayum next episode is going to be interesting.

Everyone is willing to look the other way with Jaime Lannister.

Not sure where Dany and Jon are going now.

Perhaps Arya will become a “Baby Mama.”

Early season write up stated the Winterfell battle will be one of the most intense battles of the whole GoT series …

They have already given away how the battle will be won … killing the Night King who will be trying to kill Bran … he goes down the whole white walker army goes down … most likely many will die trying to lure him into the Bran trap …

Just guessing who will croak … Theon will go down protecting Bran … Lyanna Mormount (young bear queen) brave but won’t last long … Jaime only one arm but will die bravely … Sir Knight Brieana usually when someone gets promoted its a sure sign they are goners plus she and Jaime are protecting a vulnerable flank position … Grey Worm shouldn’t have promised taking Dany’s counselor to the beach another sure sign he will croak …

Oh yeah can’t leave this out … for seven seasons she has been the smallest of the actresses besides the young queen Mormount … however for a small shrimp … Arya (Maisie Williams) is surprisingly quite well endowed … who woulda thunk it :wink:

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Yeah, I hate to sound like a dirty old man, but Maisie Williams… Dayum!

That maybe key to the ending … two subtle scenes if anyone caught them …

First it was good to see Jon’s wolf Ghost still alive … Arya’s wolf is alive but she let her go in season 7

The second was the bonding between Sansa and Dany when Dany hesitated when Sansa asked how Dany will treat the North after all the battles were over … Dany withdrew her hand … I suspect after eight seasons of trying to gain the iron throne that she will relent easily to Aegon her nephew the true heir to the throne now that she knows the truth … I am guessing it could well come down to the dragons deciding regardless if Dany is their mother … Samwell could have been right … if Dany will give up her right to the throne like Jon was to give up King of the North …

I dunno man! She pulled her hand away in disagreement. Relenting on the throne would mean Dany’s whole existence has been in vain. We’ll see!

Her dad was the mad king. There was a theory a few years back it was some sort of thing in their blood that makes them go mad. Maybe her claim to the throne will push her off the edge.

Im abstaining from watching until my girlfriend catches up but shes all the way back in season 4…:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

The ole drop the knife trick … she croaked him with Lil Fingers knife … the same knife she used to execute Lil Finger

Arya! LLyana Mormont. What little bad asses!

Intense episode. I think I watched it like :frowning:. I hope Cersei gets checked off Arya’s list next.

It’s true that most of the “bad ass” fighters survived (Jorah Mormont excepted).

But how are they going to fight Cersei now that (presumably) the Dothraki are wiped out and the Unsullied largely destroyed?

Who knows … its not as if the writers are stuck and don’t know how to end this story …

however … HAL …

You are starting to sound like those ole radio serial episodes where the heroes are in dire straights with no hope of surviving …

Stand tune THIS TIME next week for the next exciting adventure of As “the Game of Thrones” turns … on these same radio errr HBO stations …

AND don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine!!! …