Game of Thrones Season Eight

(Westhoff) #21

This episode was awesome, it really had me on the edge of my seat. Poor lady mormont however, at least she took down a giant before she died.

(Ryon Adams) #22

Of course, we’re all still waiting for the ultimate Hound v. Mountain matchup. Good thing the former survived.

(Dave) #23

Yep it seems the house of Mormount is no more as both lil lady Mormount and her cousin Jorah are no more … and no doubt some other houses defending Winterfell are no more … the final scenes showed very few still standing around … and I am not certain how many dragons are left and if the dragon Jon was on survived … and it was rotten tomatoes for the Night King to turn the Stark dead in the crypt into wights …

OKAY … some reviews from the internet and the major complaint is that apparently, no one could see anything … it was TOO DARK … one funny poster stated he finally forgave the red witch because at least she provided some “lighting” for some of the battle scenes …

(J V ) #24

I believe the dark lighting was a theme. We fear what we can’t see. It started with chaos and uncertainty. Throw in the fog of war added by the NK and it magnified the feeling. I feel it added to the intensity. It was very POV in ways, we felt like the characters none could see very far.

Now what about Bran. What is his role or meaning in the story? I thought he would have a role in taking down the NK. But really didnt. So is his character worthless at the end of the day?

(Ryon Adams) #25

It depends on what he saw while he was in that trance. That wasn’t really explained during this episode.

Maybe he saw something that will affect the rest of the season.


HBO really went full Hollywood on this one.

I know its a fantasy series, but the show still managed to keep its realism in seasons 1-6.

Now we have characters surviving multiple stab wounds backs against the wall, infinite number of last minute life saving, arya jumping out of nowhere like a monkey

What happened with all the cryptic backstories with the white walkers? Is this really how it ends?

They could have just let Bran stand outside the gate to wait for the NK, and then the army shoot at NK with dragon glass arrows. Arya could have changed into Bran, or a white walker and stabbed NK from behind.

I just dont understand how this entire series hyped up humans vs dead and they just kill the night king without any explanation.

(Ryon Adams) #27

It had to happen in order to resolve the series. And now that that’s resolved, as I mentioned above, it remains to be seen how the Dany/Jon/Arya/Sansa faction will face off against Cersei in the ultimate battle for the Kingdom…WITHOUT the Army that had gotten them that far. If anything, the undead threw that wrinkle into the fight.

Also, we’re all still waiting to see the final Hound v. Mountain showdown. That’s like Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant!

(Dave) #28

The original plan was to lure the NK towards Bran but the few defenders were overwhelmed … especially when the dead defenders were turned into wights … Jon was attempting to make it to Bran but was being held off by the wight dragon spewing his blue flames … Theon was the only one left to protect Bran … and he died with one last charge against the NK with Bran thanking him for his effort …

It was looking like those ole Saturday morning Cdr Cody serials when all is lost before cutting off the serial to next week … Arya’s stealth capabilities and mastery at killing saved the day as she snuck through the wights to get to the NK … he as all of Arya’s previous victims underestimated her capabilities and it cost him … he turned into a block of ice cubes …

(J V ) #29

But what roke does Bran play? His whole story was related to the NK,children of the forest…ect. his story was never about the game for the thrones.

Thus viewers are left with “thats it?” Regarding the NK and Bran.

Sure one could argue the NK plot was not the main reason for the story but the stakes of losing to the NK were huge.

(Dave) #30

Bran told Sam in a previous episode that the NK’s target was the 3 eyed raven or Bran … Bran like all previous 3 eyed ravens held all the past and future knowledge of the living humankind and if the NK could destroy Bran then it would be the key to destroying the living from the earth. Bran was the trap then … kill the NK and sayonara to all the white walker/wights army in one fell swoop …

(J V ) #31

Yes, I know Bran said that the NK wanted to kill memories. But it just seems that Bran would have had a larger role to play than just act as bait.

I can’t see how he will factor in the events that will happen in Kings Landing.

My point of Bran is…that’s it? was a bit anticlimactic. Maybe I just wanted the villain monologue with Bran.

Does everyone agree that Jon is a terrible military tactician?

(Ryon Adams) #32

I can, DEPENDING, as I said, on what he saw while he was in his trance.

I’m guessing that whatever he saw while in a trance in this episode will somehow impact the events that will happen in King’s Landing.

(J V ) #33

I am sure they can insert him into that story line but he has been tied to the NK story line. I would be fine if he is just put on the sideline. His biggest reveal was confirming who Jon’s parents really are.

Is Westeros ADA compliant?

(J V ) #34

Tactically it seemed that Jon and Dany missused their resources.

They had air supiority 2:1. Why not use it prior? Why wait for the dead to just rush. Why not strafe the flanks of the dead well in advance? Why not light a fire with the dragons in front of the Dothraki so they only face the dead after they burned. Why were they not outfitted with dragon glass weapons? Jon had seen the NK raise the dead but thought it was safer in the crypt?

As a result the dothraki and unsullied were all but wiped out. Now they have to head south with almost nothing left.

(Dave) #35

Uhhh not so … according to the two head writers Weiss and Benioff … Dany became upset that her Dothraki were wiped out so quickly that she abandoned the original plan to wait for the NK and ambush him … she proceeded to straff the wights with fire and send the battle into chaos … as my brother also stated the Hornet’s torpoedo 8 squadron at Midway lasted longer than the Dothraki time-wise but not by very much …

Their commentary also mentioned giving Theon and lil lady Mormount heroic deaths …

For those wanting to see their commentary, it can only be found on HBO On Demand and follows after the finish of each episode …

My question which we may or may not find out is how will they dispose of the thousands and thousands of wight bodies … I suspect they will probably throw them in one great pile and let Drogon turn them into croaked crispy critters and ashes …

(J V ) #36

Ah, the realities of after the war. Just like how do governments and society deal with half the population being snapped and then coming back 5 years later in Endgame. The probate issues alone would be crazy.

Back to GOT…

I am not one who read the books but I just learned that there is no NK at in the books. That seems like a pretty big departure.

(Dave) #37

Not surprised … I gave up reading the GoT books after the 2nd book … devoting each chapter to an individual was SNORE-CITY … I got tired of having to read pages and pages of boring characters before getting back to the interesting plot line …

The same thing is happening to the Walking Dead … there is no Daryl in the graphic comics … however he is now the main character after Andrew Lincoln quit the series and they had to write off sheriff Rick Grimes from the story …

(Thomas) #38


(Sam) #39

Two of the finest characters, IMO. I especially liked Jorah, who reminded me of one of Arthur’s great knights.

Both dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal, are alive and well.

The Red Woman told Arya she would close the eyes of one with brown eyes, one with blue eyes, and one with green eyes. Walder Frey had brown eyes. The Night King had brilliant blue eyes.

(Dave) #40

We will all know in few hours … seeing the 3rd installment again it appears the dragon Jon was riding crash landed and slid on the ground … so it could still be alive but injured

Tonight’s episode will just be informational on who is still alive and left to fight Cersie …

An INTERESTING tidbit about Cersei is that she is pregnant … would Arya attack and kill not just an enemy but a pregnant enemy.

Another aspect about Jon is that he has always been a reluctant leader as he has stated he didn’t want to be King of the North … so now that he knows that he is next in line to the iron throne … does he really want it.