Game of Thrones Season Eight

(J V ) #41

But is Cersei really pregnant?

They killed Robs pregnant wife at the red wedding. Yeah, killing a pregnant Cersei by Arya is in the realm of possibilities.

(Sam) #42

Both dragons are fine for now. If you watch the preview for tonight’s episode you can see that.

What’s really bonkers is that in the past few hours there have been leaks on Twitter for tonight’s episode and also the last two. I got some of it by accident (yes, it’s legit; there’s video and screen shots) and then quickly closed the program so I wouldn’t see more. I won’t say anything other than some who did see the leaks were very disappointed.

(J V ) #43

And a few more bit the dust.

Yep, Cersei is pregnant


Statements that didn’t last long.

(Ryon Adams) #45

OK, so does Varys remain loyal, or does he encourage Jon to rule in his own right?

Nice cliffhanger!!! I can’t wait to see what Dany’s response is!

(Sam) #46

Yeah, one of the leaks showed the huge arrows striking Rhaegal and him falling. I didn’t mean to give it away.

(Dave) #47

I hate to predict it but from tonight’s farewell scenes from Jon to his friends at Winterfell … i suspect it will be Jon who dies at the end and not Dany … those writers give it away too easily and the farewell to Ghost pretty much sealed it …

That and …

Dany is probably pregnant and carrying Jon’s son … the future legitimate heir to iron throne … seems all the main characters know now who Jon really is … so it will be interesting in the end …

It was sad to see Messandre and the second dragon Rhagar die … to say Dany is a bit hot under the collar is an understatement.

The previews was a sorta Cdr Cody serial ending … Euron’s surprised look when he saw Drogon approaching his ships will keep us waiting for next week … it was not a what he was expecting to see look

(Ryon Adams) #48


Quote: Dany is probably pregnant and carrying Jon’s son … the future legitimate heir to iron throne … seems all the main characters know now who Jon really is … so it will be interesting in the end …

So you’re saying that the answer to question #1 on my initial post is “YES!!!” then?


She’s his Baby Mama!!!



Just kidding. Actually, we don’t know that, but we’ll see!

(Sam) #49

Okay, I didn’t see Drogon coming out of the sky in the preview. I did notice Euron looking at the clouds, but no sign of a dragon as far as I could tell. If you have a link to that preview (maybe there’s a different one?) I would appreciate it. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what may seem to us like foreshadowing. You may be right, but there are just too many twists of plot and fate for me to feel at all confident about anything. The only thing that seems to be unfolding for me is Daenerys’s blood rising, which could possibly lead to her acting too brutally and some of the people around her turning on her. We already see that with Varys, and we know that Sansa won’t exactly be her campaign manager. Given her father’s madness and that apparently running in the Targaryn line, I could envision something in that vein going down. By the same token, they are at war, really a world war in their universe. It’s not as if we went light on the Germans at Dresden or the Japanese at Hiroshima. She has to win, and it’s interesting that some sensibilities on a show like Game of Thrones are becoming timid about violence, assuming that happens with others besides Varys.

(Dave) #50

In the preview you can hear Drogon’s yell and that he was approaching the ships but could not see the dragon … why … the surprise look on Euron’s face tells us he was seeing something he was not expecting …

Is Drogon wearing armor now … those anti-dragon spears are positioned in the front of each ship with the large mast blocking sight and any rear shots … it seems that all one has to do attack the ships from the rear with those killing flames.

I have not heard the commentary from both head writers yet on this episode … with only two episodes left and the death of the popular Messandie the outlook is beginning to look bleak for some other popular characters … it appears the head writers and Martin are not sparing anyone …

(Sam) #51

Gotcha! I am at work and watched with the sound off. It’s going to be interesting to see how it turns out. Some of the people involved with the production have described the ending as “bittersweet.”

(J V ) #52

I think Drogon will surprise attack Euron. It will be a payback, Euron has now “magically snuck up” on a fleet. I think Drogon will hide in the sun. They can hear him but can’t see him because his angle of attack has the sun right behind him obscuring him.

(Sam) #53

Hope you’re right. I would like to see him set that fleet ablaze.


If I was Euron, I would have been a little concerned when Tyrion played the humanitarian card concerning Cersei"s pregnancy. How could Tyrion have known? Unless I missed something, which is entirely possible, he has to now know that he could be very expendable in the near future.

(J V ) #55

Euron would have to wonder how Tyrion knows. He has to wonder if he is the baby daddy.

(Dave) #56

In their behind the scenes commentary … some of their key statements were …

According to the two head writers when Missandie yelled “Dacaery” as her final words she was telling Dany to “Light them up!!!” …

and according to the two writers Dany is at her brilliant best when she is underestimated an underdog and angry …

and I suspect Euron and his fleet will be the first to BITE THE BULLET …

Something that wasn’t in their commentary was the scene they repeated of the Hound and Arya riding south and both stating that neither were returning North … a foreboding … maybe …

(J V ) #57

Anyone notice the Starbucks cup that was accidentally left on the set and ended up in the show?


I didn’t see it, but clever answer from HBO

(Ryon Adams) #59


Don’t look for the Hound to go anywhere except to King’s Landing.

We still need to see the “final showdown” between the Mountain and the Hound.

As I said…it’ll be like Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant.

(J V ) #60

I think Bran is done. He is staying in Winterfell. It seems his story line just felt incomplete. Brienne will stay alive, so will Gilly and Sam. I thought it was really out of place and abrupt how Bron showed up and left. The fact they promised him High Garden didn’t make sense, there is no way Tyrion and Jamie could promise that.