Game of Thrones Season Eight

(Dave) #61

The word on the internet is Emilia Clarke is stating the episode 5 battle will be more spectacular than the one in 3 and everyone will be able to see it in the daylight.

Some pet owners were not happy with Jon’s farewell to his direwolf Ghost … not a hug or a pat on the head or scratching his ears goodbye …

Someone found the source of that Starbuck’s cup Dany was drinking …

(Ryon Adams) #62

UNLESS Khaleesi ultimately wins, and they still work for her. At that point, they’ll have the power to do almost anything.

(Ryon Adams) #63

I’m still wondering if Daario Naharis will reappear? Could he emerge as a jilted lover and undermine Dany’s plans?

Or could he appear with reinforcements that Dany might use to defeat Cersei?

His story seems to have ended rather abruptly.

(J V ) #64

Lol good point i forgot he was left behind.

(Sam) #65

I think Euron is in for a rude awakening. Let’s hope so. Wouldn’t be surprised if Yara Greyjoy supports Dany’s cause with some ships and possibly a surprise attack, maybe with air support from Drogon. Some think Drogon will now be wearing armor. I’d be surprised, but it’s not implausible. The upcoming penultimate episode may well be climactic with clear victors and some major deaths while the final show could be more of a denouement, i. e., tying up of loose ends.

(J V ) #66

I am as big a GOT fan and anyone but after a bit of reflection I am disappointed in this season. I fear the conclusion will be a major let down. But only a few TV series have had a satisfying ending.

My bigger issue is the writing and motivation that drove characters. The show outgrew the source material in season five. For all his faults GRR Martin has written good characters and went out of his way to fall for standard tropes and cliches.

His characters were smartly strategic but some of that logic has gone out the window (a la Bran…lol). The whole name of GOT was about the politics and back stabbing to win the throne.

Without the source material to use to be adapted they now just working off notes and a general outline give. Sadly the characters and the situations that have been written are more what is typical for TV dramas. Here are a few examples from this season. It is drama that was simply created for drama when characters would not have acted as such.

Sansa- her distrust of Daenerys is artificial when you think it through. Dany sacrificed her Unsullied and Dothraki to save the North. Wouldn’t that build some trust? Logic says though Dany is a foreigner she can be trusted. The remaining Starks have no claim to the throne. They would be wardens of the North. What has Dany done that would say she would take that away. The Starks have always bent the knee.

You can even go back to last season when they implied there was drama and distrust between Arya and Sansa.

Logic says the tactically correct thing to do is for Jon and Dany to marry and co rule. Instead, we are getting made for TV drama again.

Dany- refusing to give her troops a rest.

I liked the relationship between Jaime and Brienne. Sure there was a bit of implied sexual tension. But the relationship was complete when she was knighted.

Instead they hooked up and in the end turned Brienne from a sting character regardless of gender to the cliche crying lover left behind. Did we need that? No, it was unneeded drama.

Capturing and executing Missandei really serves no purpose, other than shock value.

Not to mention Euron was wrapped so heavy in plot armor it makes no sense. How he was not seen from the height Dany was at makes no sense, not to mention the accuracy and force of the scorpion shots. Defies physics.

From a tactics standpoint Cersei should have just opened fire on Dany and he remnants. She could have ended it the war there.

Again, it feels more like made for TV drama then brining to life characters, actions and motivations that were well thought out and defined in the source material.

The Walking Dead is guilty of this. Characters not doing the logical thing but instead doing things that create drama. I gave up on that show a few seasons ago.

(Sam) #67

I’ve also heard complaints about the show this season, but I don’t know. 1) Given the level of excellence up to this point, I’m not sure the final season could have been much of anything but at least a bit of a letdown to some fans. But I really enjoyed the Battle of Winterfell episode. I thought it was as fine a show as any of the GOT programs I have seen. 2) When have human beings acted logically? 3) These characters have evolved over the years. Someone like Sansa, as the Hound noted, was a “little bird” earlier in the series. She’s now a woman who has been betrayed and brutally abused. I can see why in her mind no one but close relatives would be trustworthy. And she’s kind of the extreme paradigm for others. How would you act if you had died and been resurrected? If you had been part of an assassin’s group? If your “children,” close friend, etc. had been brutally killed before your eyes? And so on . . . These are some damaged people. Nothing they do would surprise me at this point.

(Dave) #68

And just think we will have to go through all this all over again …

GoT has become so popular HBO is doing a prequel to the series and going back about 1000 years with brand new characters and the iron throne is a just a couple of valerian swords and a bowie knife one has to sit on … ouch …

The current GoT ending had better NOT BE too much of a downer … else … the prequel will be as popular as going to a dentist without anesthesia …

(Sam) #69

I’d say there are eight really major characters—Jon Snow, Daenyrys, the three Starks, three Lannisters. Others like Ser Davos, Sam, Euron, the Hound, etc. are important but ultimately supporting characters. I would guess up to half the main characters will get the axe, but if any more do and if both Jon and Danaerys die, people are going to walk away feeling let down, and I’m sure the cigars at HBO don’t want that with a prequel upcoming.

(Sam) #70

George R.R. Martin has said “the show will follow his planned ending.” Here’s an interesting piece in Vanity Fair on GOT’s possible ending and also it’s strong connection to Tolkien and LOTR:


Show needed one more season in my opinion

dont understand the rush to end it

(J V ) #72

Sam, I agree and have seen that Martin consulted and shared his notes and outlines. But just because we end up in the same place it is exactly as Martin would have it. If it was that easy he would have completed the books by now.

I agree the characters are broken and not expected to act logically. However, there is a sort of internal logic to the characters in the source material and they seemed to have veered from that is all I am saying.

Though it was funny, would Martin actually have them play “Never have I ever”?

All I am saying is that Martin writes the characters better than the show writers. Martin is not going to bite the hand that feeds him, but I bet if he gets around to writing the books and ending how the characters get there will be a bit different.

(Dave) #73

I actually remember LotR ending with Samwell’s daughter taking him to docks to sail away where the rest went beyond the horizon.

If I had my druthers … I would prefer Jon surviving and Dany croaking after the analysis given in that Vanity Fair article … as Varys stated … reluctant rulers make better leaders BUT if Martin is following Tolkien’s lead … then I suspect the iron throne (One ring) and building will be destroyed and there will be no single leader/king/queen of the seven kingdoms … Dany dies and Jon retires to the north where his friend Tormond and Ghost reside … and Tyrion and Varys wind up leading Kings Landing as governors with Arya and Hound as their muscle

(Sam) #74

We’ll see if Tyrion, Varys, and the Hound all survive. I would think Arya will. IMO, there’s a pretty good chance that either Dany or Jon die. Remember Martin describes the ending as bittersweet. For me the first part of that compound adjective is always the operative one in that word.

(Dave) #75

I suspect Tyrion will survive … Peter Dinklage was bragging to reporters several months ago about how good he felt about the ending … Varys is too shifty and has too many contacts to hide until the dust settles … the Hound and Grey Worm are both after ONE INDIVIDUAL and it is questionable whether they survive while croaking him …

The mood of the fans on the internet I am sensing is turning against Dany … she is one angry mamma jamma right now … where as Jon is a bit cooler under fire … he faced down Ramsay’s entire army and arrows and survived and the Lord of Light likes him …

If Dany dies and Drogon survives … will he just fly away like Albus Dumbledore’s Phoenix flew away when he died …

(Sam) #76

I’m seeing that as well, but I think it’s more a question of people superimposing modern sensibilities onto the GOT universe. Why wouldn’t she be angry? Two of her “children” have been killed, her protector and most loyal knight was mowed down protecting her life, and it’s her or the evil queen remains on the throne. We’re essentially talking world war here with her playing the role of the US or UK. Not like Dresden never happened.

(Ryon Adams) #77


To be more specific, she has lost both her human child, AND two of her reptilian children.

NO WONDER she’s pissed!

(J V ) #78

Visually interesting but quite a let down of an episode.


I hate to be that guy… but as someone who began watching this series since 2013, this was just bad…

CGI was cool, lots of action, but a lot of this season just doesn’t make any sense

Cercei’s legacy will be as the victim now? Dany freed slaves and helped defeat NK, but now is the villain of the series? Jamie went from being bad to honorable to bad again? How does Arya survive and how about that plot horse.

(Dave) #80

NOT what I expected … one thing for certain Dany is bat crap crazy now … it was starting to tell at the beginning with her isolation and fasting and only got worse …

And when she had that looney tunes look when the surrender bells sounded … I thought … huh huh!! … here we go … I thought at first she was going to crispy critter Cersei in her tower BUT nope …

Arya is quite a trooper … she got trampled on a tower falls on her and barbequed with Drogon’s flame and her got up each time looking a bit worse for wear but alive …

MY GUESS … Arya will be the one to croak Dany …