Game of Thrones Season Eight


No way its Arya

They will make it someone unexpecting like Tyrion or Jon

Dany did just kill Tyrion’s siblings

(J V ) #82

It has just gone downhill.

The whole children of the forest meant nothing.

Bran’s story…he’s the three eyed raven…OK. What does that mean?

Brienne reduces to a crying woman in a house coat.

Dany snaps? Really, she is the villain after 7 seasons she went from savior to villain?

What happened to the prophecy of Cersei dying, choked by her sibling?

All the little details that made the show so layered over the seasons just got thrown out the window.

At this point I am going to guess that Jon will kill Dany and take the throne reluctantly.

My issue is how well written characters just end up doing and acting in ways that are counter to what was established.

I just can’t imagine the last episode will really be satisfying. It feels like watching a running back start to celebrate scoring a TD and drops the ball before actually crossing the goal line.

(Sam) #83

I thought the same thing. What she did instead was forfeit the throne. I think it’s likely Arya kills her for a couple of reasons. 1) Dany still has Drogon, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki. It’s going to take someone with stealth or someone who can get close to her, but I don’t see Jon or Tyrion sticking a dagger in her heart. 2) Remember the prophecy that Arya is supposed to kill three rulers, one with brown eyes, one with blue eyes, and one with green eyes.

(Ryon Adams) #84


Your theory may very well be correct, based on the TV series, but according to the books, Targaryans have lilac (purple) colored eyes, not green ones.

(Sam) #85

I don’t see it that way. The children of the forest established how and why the Night King was created. After that they weren’t important to the plot and seemed like some magical creatures that go by the wayside as civilization encroaches. Weren’t there just a few left 2-3 seasons ago?

I do agree to an extent about Bran’s story. It’s intriguing but nothing has really come of it other than to set a trap for the Night King. We’ll see if there’s anything in the last episode. If not I would agree that was a plot route that met a dead end.

As for Dany isn’t that kind of the nature of mental illness, at least in some cases, that it can be triggered by events. She has lost those closest to her, she feels isolated and betrayed . . . But I’m not sure she didn’t act like a lot of people would have. It’s just that she’s to rule the entire known world.

But they’re ending a bit abruptly with six episodes. Maybe they just didn’t have time to develop strong resolutions for each plot element. It does feel a bit rushed to me whereas earlier seasons would have episodes that slowly developed plot and characters.

(Sam) #86

Yeah, I did see that. But if anything it would lend credence to that theory (not mine but one I saw elsewhere and that makes some sense) given that she doesn’t have violet eyes in the show. We’ll see next week! BTW, I think you mentioned you’re a Tolkien fan. I saw the movie Friday. Despite some mixed reviews I thought it was well-done and enjoyed it.

(Ryon Adams) #87

Dany definitely went “Full Hiroshima” on them.

Query: in the Westeros history books, we she still be regarded favorably, a la Truman, based on that, or will show go down as Westeros’ version of a genocidal maniac?

Tune in next week…same bat er dragon time…

That said, the Hound v. Frankenmountain was as good as I’d hoped. I was a bit surprised to see Qyburn go down that way though. It’s like the Creature in Frankenstein turning on its creator.

This episode wasn’t so much about counting who died, but rather, trying to figure out who is still alive!

(Sam) #88

Full Hiroshima. :laughing: Good one.

(Ryon Adams) #89

I look forward to seeing Tolkien. Thanks for the info!

I haven’t been able to see my usual slate of movies given that my wife and I are busy building a house, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it. I still haven’t seen the new Avengers movie.

(Dave) #90

Several things to ponder … the Lord of Light seems to be keeping alive some KEY FOLKS … Arya should have died several times in this episode but didn’t … the LofL also sent her a nice horse to escape the city.

She did say she was going to Kings Landing to kill the queen … same objective but different queen maybe …

Jon may not want the throne but another Targaryan may … who … remember MANY MOONS ago when Tyrion went down to a deep chamber to unlock two of Dany’s dragons she had chained … they allowed him to approach them and unchained them without bbq’ing him … some thought that he may have Targaryan DNA in him … just a thought

And this is looking a lot like that Tolkien ending as was noted earlier and Dany is looking A LOT like Gollum … alone (Jorah and Missandie are gone and Jon has spurned her) and wanting the only thing she has left … her precious (the iron throne)

(J V ) #91

The ending is supposed to be bittersweet. Thus I don’t think Arya will be the one to take out Dany.

I am going to guess the show will go walking dead…dead is not dead unless you see the body. So, Cersei and Jamie will survive somehow. Arya will ride up on them. Cersei holding Jamie in his arms on the beach. The dingy in the distance. Arya will then put the pointy end into Cersei.

(Dave) #92

Bittersweet … schmittersweet … as I stated earlier … Martin and head writers had better turn this epic around and give us some semblance of a decent ending … ELSE

NO ONE is going to trust Martin and HBO with anymore GoT prequels as we are told two or more are in the works …

We didn’t expect a Disney ending but we also don’t want an Alien vs. Predator or Jason vs Freddy either …

(J V ) #93

I don’t have faith the last episode will be it’s saving grace at this point.

Sure, there were breadcrumbs over the seasons that Dany had it in her. But last season they gave us loaves of bread that she was good. Sure she might have been tyrannical but EVIL? It just seems odd.

It took a full season for Jaime to complete his arch from heel to hero. It just seems rushed and forced. again just bad writing.

(Ryon Adams) #94


If anyone kills Dany, it will be one of the following:

a) Sam, to avenge his family
b) Daario Naharis, as a jilted lover
c) Tyron, if she fires him for betraying her with Jaime
d) Jon Snow, after a lover’s quarrel

Seriously doubt Arya kills Dany. More likely that she kills Cersei IF Cersei survives the cave in (which seems like a pretty big and highly improbable IF, but in that universe, just about anything is possible).

If Jaime and Cersei both survive, then who kills Jaime would be tougher to say. He’d have to survive wounds and a cave-in though.

(Ryon Adams) #95

Got another theory.

Bronn is still out there. He and Tyrion have been friends, Bronn didn’t kill Tyrion, and Cersei is (ostensibly) no longer alive to bribe Bronn to do anything.

We know Dany and Tyrion will have a falling out for him having betrayed her and letting Jaime go.

Maybe after Dany fires (or attempts to kill/kills) Tyrion, Bronn helps his old buddy out and kills Dany.

At that point, either Jon is free to take to throne, or the Blacksmith (as the last remaining Baratheon) takes the throne.

Incidentally, this theory was formulated by three felony prosecutors at the Washington County DA’s office this morning (I am one of them, of course).

(Dave) #96

Yep I saw the so-so Tolkien reviews and most recommend taking a LOT OF NODOZ to the movie … I usually just wait for those “brainy” ZZZzzz-type movies to show up on Netflix …

Good news on some other fronts … Better Call Saul is due this summer when Jimmy McGill FINALLY turns into Saul Goodman :sunglasses: … and Westworld season 3 in late summer for HBO who will probably may or may not be smarting from the GoT fiasco (depending on how Martin and head writers end it) …

Here is how it may end … Cercei croaks Dany in front of her troops … Cercei stealhly slips away and when she is safe in some dark corridor removes her disguise and its Arya … sooo all of Dany’s loyals believes its Cercei … who BTW is under 100 tons of rubble permanently buried with Jaime …

(J V ) #97

I would have done season 7 and 8 with 10 episodes each. Here is how i would have done it differently.

In season 7. Dany takes kings Landing, she knows of Jon and demands he comes South to bend the knee. Cersei has been eliminated. She never was the big villain like the NK.

Jon makes it south with a white walker. He refuses to bend the knee. He asks for dragon glass to prepare for war against the NK. She knows that to unify the kingdom they marry.

They head north for the war with the NK. Along the way she sees how Jon is respected more. He shows greater leadership. She starts to see him as a threat and starts to unhinge. Varys who is the master spy does what he does best and plays both sides.

Season 8 is taking on the NK. Dany wants to make more impulsive decisions. Her madness grows. The battle with the NK might take 3 episodes. Sam and Bran have to work together when things look bleak before the battle and leave on a journey. Sam returns alone

The NK is killed, Danys slide continues. Jon has to kill Dany to save the kingdom, in the incounter with the NK she is touched and her eyes turn violet. You even save the reveal of Jon being a Targerean until this point. Jon kills Dany. Drogon roars and then lights up Jon. But Jon emerges from the fire. Jon walks to Drogon but it turns and flys away. Jon vows to honor her wish to break the wheel and sets up a different rule. The Unsullied leave KL to go free remaining slaves in Westeros. Tyrion becomes hand of the realm (the story has been about Tyrion’s rise anyway) Jon feels guilty for killing Dany decides his fate and destiny is to rebuild the nights watch. Gendry becomes king with counsel. Sansa is the warden of the North. Arya leaves. Brans wearabouts are unknown. It could end with the children of the forest setting up to create a new NK.


Two words. Killing Eve. The best thing on TV.

(J V ) #99

I figure next week will be the trial of Tyrion and the death of Dany. Brann will be named king after Danys death.

(Sam) #100

Yeah, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re sort of putting modern sensibilities onto the characters as are the GOT writers. Alexander burned Thebes and Persepolis to the ground, the Romans destroyed Carthage, the Mongols (model for the Dothraki?) killed maybe a million or more Persians and wiped out Krakow and its residents, etc. What Daenerys did would have made perfect sense to the Unsullied and the Dothraki but not to the more “civilized” characters such as those from the great houses. So we can say that she’s “mad,” and I’m not claiming that the writers want us to think differently, but until she starts lining up people before Drogon for sport rather than treason . . . Hey, she’s a conqueror. Those folks are seldom kind, gentle teddy bears.