Game of Thrones Season Eight

Oh I agree, about the remaining Unsullied and Dothraki.

Yes, too many storiy lines were left unfinished. It is why I don’t understand why HBO rushed it all to the finish line. They had enough story lines to have content for at least one more season.

I let go of those story lines a while back, there was not enough left to get it wrapped up in the last episode.

They should have spent all of this season on Night King, and all of another season 9 on a proper ending with better explanations.

Why did Jamie go back to Cercei? And why did he even offer to help fight the White Walkers? Just to have some alone time with Brienne?

This makes no sense.

You can’t defend this stuff.

He killed the queen. Greyworm would not have gone gentle into that good night had Jon not received some kind of punishment. Drogon flies off. His mother, the only reason he was around in the first place, was dead. The Children of the Forest had been dying out for many years, which was why they created the Night King, who unfortunately for them also brought about their destruction. I thought the killing of the Night King by Arya was one of the highlights of the show, not just this season. I will concede it looked as if some troop numbers had been increased. It’s a TV show, not King Lear. All in all I really enjoyed it.

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Highlights of the show? She jumped out of nowhere lol

She’s a trained assassin. That’s kind of what they do—sneak up on people and kill them. And absolutely one of the great moments of the show.

Jon Snow was the Judas, betraying with a kiss.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Jon Snow is now a “born again” wildling.

Tyrion quits his job, and is rehired.

Pure democracy is laughed off in favor of a medieval fantasy world’s equivalent of an “Electoral College.”


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Who were the green eyes she would close forever? The ending was horrible. Anything else would have been better. Most fan theories were 10X what this ending was.

A better ending than I expected …

Dany gets dispatched 1/2 way … Drogon does not kill Jon who is a Targaryen BUT he does melt the iron throne to liquid medal and flys away with Dany …

Greyworm takes his troops to Naath or watevar the home of Missandie as he promised he would … that gets rid of the unsullied from Westeros … who like the Dothraki multiplied miraculously outa the blue … not sure where the dothraki wound up …

Arya heads west and discovers America ahead of Columbus and the Norwegians … she probably becomes Pocahontas’s great great great grandmother …

Bran the Broken becomes king with Tyrion his hand and a small council of friendlies trying to decide between a navy or brothels for the area …

Sansa gets a nice outfit from Macy’s and a new tiera and happily becomes queen of the north … an independent kingdom …

Jon was supposed to join the night watch HOWEVER he and Tormond and Ghost and a decent size of wildlings leave the night watch wall and head mysteriously into the north wood … probably never to be seen again …

A good ending … not as bittersweet as one would think considering all the former good guys who went loony or murderous were dispatched or left Westeros … except those multiplying like rabbits dothraki

Agree that it worked out pretty well—not perfect by any means but satisfactorily enough.

I think Drogon gets that the Iron Throne, not Jon, is what really killed his mother.

There’s not much Night Watch for Jon to join and he’s been exiled, so why not make a new life with Ghost and Tormund and a small group?


I have no problem with those who are unhappy with the ending, but I don’t quite understand why they have a problem with those who are okay with it. Like they say, to each his own.

Maybe Arya will kill the green eyed queen of whatever land she ends up in during the post sail away “spin off.”

Just a thought!

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Having a perfect ending is almost impossible. Satisfying is what one can hope for. I had been disappointed with much of the season but I was satisfied with where the characters ended.

My wife asked why Jon and Tormund went out through the gate, why not just leave through the big hole in the wall…lol.

Who has a better story than Bran?

Almost everyone else? Lol

I think Tyrion said it best regarding the ending…no one is really happy, So it must be a good compromise.

I read (and saw pics) that the first shot of the first episode of the show was a man on a horse with a horse behind him walking through the gate in the wall, almost identical to the last scene in the last show.

The producers D&D who ran GOT have been handed the reigns to Star Wars. Concerned or confident?

Law, how do they prosecute Jon or even convict him of killing Dany? There were no witnesses. The body and the weapon are gone. Drogon is gone.

Could a public defender get Jon off? Make a case that Drogon was jealous and in a rage killed her and melted the throne. Jon couldn’t melt it. Drogon fled the scene of the crime. …lol…” If you can not sit (on the throne) you must acquit”.

As long as they don’t have Martin impeding/guiding them then they will be fine with where SW is heading … I like these two writers … Disney seems to be very impressed with them

One surprising individual who made it to the main group of leaders, in the end, was Robin Arryn the breast feeding nephew of Catelyn whose mother was thrown down the air hole by Lil Finger … Robin without his mother’s influence grew up it would seem to be a responsible adult.

One actor who has signed on to Martin’s GoT pre-sequel is Naomi Watts … Martin was arguing with reporters that two more “spin offs” were still viable … even though they thought the spins offs were dead in water …

The ending itself isn’t the problem. It was how they got to the ending.

Everything was rushed. Characters were dropping like flies purely for quick story progression. Nobody important dies during the Battle of Winterfel, really?

Dany was held as a righteous leader up until season 8 episode 5 when she goes bezerk over losing Messandei and then dies the very next episode.

The writing the last two seasons was pure garbage, and that is why people aren’t happy with this.

How does Bran become King? What exactly did he do? What was the point of Hold the Door? Where is Meera Reed who saved Bran’s life? And how can they force Jon to go to the night’s watch? What are they watching? Walkers are dead. Wildlings are friends.

It makes no sense…

I agree with you. Though I like where the characters ended up. The death of Dany was supposed to have real emotional weight, and it didn’t.

I saw this thread on twitter and it has some of the best scenes and it really is a reminder of how good the show could be. It went off the tracks last season. Watch the clips and you have to agree it was better than anything in the last 2 seasons.

How it should have ended…lol

The Disney ending we deserved!

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Did Jon ever confess to the killing? If so, then did he make said confession while he was in custody, and if that was the case, then had he been read his Miranda Warnings, and did he waive his Miranda rights, and agree to speak anyway? Was either a recording made of said confession, or are eyewitnesses available to testify to said confession, and in the latter case, are they credible? Was there any physical forensic evidence left behind?

A lot of unanswered questions from a prosecutorial perspective.

If the answer to all of the above questions is “no,” then yeah, having enough evidence to convict Jon beyond a reasonable doubt would be tough to come by. Any defense attorney, including a public defender, would have a good chance of getting a dismissal or acquittal.

Perhaps they could try and charge/indict/convict Drogon (based on Jon’s eye witness testimony) of the crime of Tampering With Physical Evidence (which is defined as concealing, destroying, or altering any thing, record, or document, with the intent of impairing its availability during an investigation or official proceeding).

When done with a human corpse (as in Dany’s case), that’s a Second Degree Felony in Texas.

Query: is a dragon competent to stand trial, and if so, do dragons have the same “due process” rights that humans in our world would have?

Oh wait a minute…THEY’RE NOT IN OUR WORLD!!!



Here you go counselor…Jon’s defense…


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