Game of Thrones Season Eight

What is west of Westeros for Arya …

Daryl (Norman Reedus), Alexandria and the Walking Dead …

Maybe Maisie Williams can bring her needle to TWD as a guest … :wink:

Thought that Arya, Cersei, and Tyrion were about the best-acted characters on the show, not that the others weren’t good as well. Those actors just kind of stood out to me for inhabiting those characters.

I get some of the complaints about the writing, but all in all it was as good as any television show I have seen. Other programs had good runs or good seasons–Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Sopranos (never was all that much into that one), etc.–but none can really compare to GOT, IMO, given the immense scale of the show. Good luck finding a shot to compare to this one in, say, the Sopranos.

Uhhh General …

One cannot pass up the EVIL characters who were SO BAD that they will always be remembered for their acting as bad dudes …

Between Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) and Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) my vote is for Ramsay as the most vile character ever created … I was hoping his picture gets placed on some dog food cans

Other runner ups are Allison Thorne (Owen Teale who is also playing an evil character on A Discovery of Witches) and Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbaek)

I concur there.

The villains…ESPECIALLY Joffrey and Ramsey are what made the series worthwhile.

That said, I would definitely put “Downton Abbey” up there with list of top TV programs.

As I mentioned before, the only two episodic TV series that I watched with any regularity over the last decade or so were “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey.”

Yes, the guy who played Ramsay Bolton was excellent, but I’m not sure others wouldn’t have done well given the material his character had to work with and the limited nature of that role. The fact that you say “… most vile creature ever created” speaks more to the writing than the acting, not that I think he didn’t play the part well. And I was focusing more on the six or so major characters. Supporting characters such as Ramsay, the Hound, and the Red Woman were also very good in important roles, but by and large their characters are more one-dimensional as static characters typically are. With the exception of Cersei, all the first-tier characters were more dynamic than static.

Iwan Rheon is one of England’s versatile actors … he has been in several popular British TV series and in one excellent recent movie “Hurricane” the lead actor playing

A Polish RAF ace from the famous Polish RAF 303 squadron … the top RAF squadron during WWII shooting down more nazis aircraft than the other British RAF squadrons …

That Reeks of melodrama.