GAME THREAD: Houston at Texas Tech 2018 (L 63-49)

(Patrick) #1

Last chance, who wins and by how much:

  • Coogs win by > 10
  • Coogs win by < 10
  • Tech wins by < 10
  • Tech wins by > 10

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(Patrick) #2

(Coog) #3

I came in to Amarillo last night. Two things are apparent, everyone seems to be a Tech fan and they all think we are going to beat them. They also tell me Kingsbury isn’t that good and is done. Many of the fans have told me, we will blown them out. I have talked with 10-12 fans and none predicted a TT win.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

Its gameday. Just woke up in my hotel. I plan on going to the game real early. Based on what some people I know that live here told me, if you are going to the game it will be hell finding parking. im talking about bumper to bumper traffic. worse than a houston texans home game.

no excuses not to win today. LETS GET THIS W!

(Jimmy Morris) #5

I’m pretty sure Kingsbury will immediately land a head coaching job in a G5 and do just fine. It’s just too damn hard to recruit P5 level talent to go to Lubbock. They have had 0 outright conference championships in the SWC and Big12. One of their two co-championships in the SWC was when they finished 4-3 but undefeated A&M was ineligible. They will definitely be going after Seth Littrell at the end of the year. If Seth is smart, he will use that to either ink a long term guaranteed contract or use the offer to get better offers from P5s that have a chance for success.

(Alfred Matthews) #6

doubt it unless some team is absolutely desperate. he would be best off taking an OC job again before getting a 2nd hc job.

also didnt lettrell just sign an extension at north texas?


What does that have to do with anything? There have been quite a few cases where coaches sign and extension and leave the next year.

(Alfred Matthews) #8

i was asking. north texas dont have the money to extend his contract beyond 2023.

(LeeH) #9

how is that possible, it’s Lubbock texas ? they got all the land they want up there heading west until you get to new mexico. no one’s going to Lubbock and starting housing developments, because it’s freakin’ Lubbock !

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(Jimmy Morris) #11

Taking a struggling Big12 coach has worked out OK for USF so far.

(LeeH) #12

rational red raiders, that’s fresh.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to diss you, My comment was directed at how college coaching contracts really don’t mean very much. I have never heard of a coach turning down a job because he has a contract with another school.

(Alfred Matthews) #14

he said a g5 team will take him if he is fired from tech. also strong has had 2 stints as hc and the USF job was a perfect fit for him. kingsbury is a worse HC than strong.

(Mark Jacob) #15

It’s a Tech thing. My bro is Tech grad and he’s always waiting for them to lose a lead and the game. He expected them to lose last year at the Cage, but then again so did I… :smiley:


I’m still seeing replays in my head of the Tech WRs running free 60 yards down the field at TDECU. Until I see some solid defense against them today, I’ll be concerned about the outcome. I do think UH is the better team, but one play 75 yard drives are a huge equalizer.


We don’t drop any passes, we blow them out

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Wow…redshirt freshman gets one of the captain slots today.