GAME THREAD - Houston vs Oregon Dec 1st, 8pm on ESPN2 (W 65-61)

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or “to be the man you have to beat the man” Woooooo!!! - Ric Flair

(Charles) #62

Back to Fertitta Center. Saw it for the first time today, beautiful.

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So happy to see that they have the floor re-installed and the baskets in place.

Ready for the team to get some practice time in the new arena.

(Patrick) #66

Should start this week

(Patrick) #67


From the highlights I saw on ESPN, Iowa was using the 3-ball all night. Made 10 3- pointers and 88% FT’s. If Armoni and Corey are lights out at 3, we should be good.

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@pray10 do you know how many tickets are left vs Oregon


On vivid seats there are at least 653 tickets left at 15$ a pop

(Jerrycoog) #74

I got 2 on stub hub for that price last night.

(Patrick) #75

No idea; they’re only included in the season ticket packages or mini plans. If they open up single game later this week, I think it sells out.


What is it with all these aftermarket tickets available? Is it students hoping for a big payday?


They need to open up the single ticket sales.

(Patrick) #78

Ticket brokers


Obviously, that’s what Stub Hub and Vivid Seats are - ticket brokers! But where did they get them from since single game tickets are not available for purchase as of yet? It just seems strange to me that nearly 700 students - or season ticket holders - would want to pass up this game!

(Patrick) #81

Same way they got tickets in 2016 for football… they buy up season ticket or mini-packages and sell them on their sites figuring they can turn them for a profit. All they need is 1-2 games with a ton of interest and they’ll more than make their money back.