Game will start on Fox Business Network

Which I hope I have…


Vacuum infomercial on my Fox Business Network :rage:

What station on Houston Comcast ?

Starts at 115pm

677 Xfinity comcast

Ion Flex here on FBN in San Antonio

115 pm

I think it will start on fox at 315. MLB will love to fox app in Houston matket

Just cut tom commercial on fox in middle of inning so we should be set

Fox Sports app says I’m not authorized to watch. :persevere:

No luck for Sling users I guess?

I think you’re right, they showed a commercial for UT-Austin game.

Cord cutter here… you need to get an old school antenna. Use it all the time for sports.

Game On!!!

On here in Oregon on Fox Business Netwrok.

On Fox!

Rabbit ears working

Got one, just got nervous about the baseball game going long. Glad they cut over to the Coogs.

On in Dallas on Fox Business.

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