Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)


They didn’t go for the win :smirk::sob:

(Jimmy Morris) #243

Was a good call to end the game. Sucks to lose that way.

(Tom) #244

We need to learn from this loss… it will help in the tourney

(Russel ) #245

Who the hell calls that??

(Ricky ) #246

Always go fo the win on the road

(Ben B) #247

Wasn’t Set his foot came off the ground before contact


“Remember the three points for the technical fouls”

We lost because they called a technical foul on our coach for taking his tie off

(Cougarpad) #249

I hate losses but this loss is going to fuel this team. We might get completely zeroed in.

(Ricky ) #250

Here I was thinking the refs wouldn’t make a call on the last possession to decide the game


It wasnt just that

we just simply played bad today

(Patrick) #252

Well, so, we basically lose because the ref called a tech on CKS taking his tie off.

I get that it’s the right call at the end, but we lost that because the one ref decided to make it personal in the middle of the half.


We lost because we didn’t play well enough.

(College of Technology Class of 1981) #254


(Jimmy Morris) #255

We had some bad calls against us but we came back. I’m going to credit Temple’s defense for doing a great job of shutting us down when Brady wasn’t on the floor and taking advantage of many of our bad turnovers.


I have never been so mad about officiating in all my years watching sports. such trash

(Dan) #257

It’s all good guys. Please don’t start a million threads about adjustments CKS needs to make, we’re good. Just not our night, it happens.

(Cougarpad) #258

Look for this Coog team to play pi**ed off in rest of conference play.

(Jay C.) #259

That was a HORRIFIC call to end the game. Should have been a no call, and go to overtime. Absolute garbage


Shots at CMA :skull:


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