Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)


Where’s the link to the post-game presser? This might be the only time I’ve really cared what the coach has to say after a game.


Armoni has to step up…there were several plays were he just lost his man, didn’t box out, and made a bad pass. He in my opinion had a bad game. We need him to come through for us. I can live with his shooting but he has to be one of the leaders on this team. Also Jarreau needs to be aggressive but a smart aggressiveness sometimes he looks like he is playing out of control and trying to do too much. He needs to let the game come to him.

(Jimmy Morris) #284

We have drawn at least 10 charges this year off of that with no complaints. Can’t just call it a bad rule when it suits us.

(Albert) #285

They outplayed us in the first half. No doubt about that! I’m glad they aren’t going undefeated. This is a learning game. We have a great coach and he will make our players learn off this loss. It’s added fuel for our players to keep improving v feeling like they are rolling.


Which call was worse?

A. Sampson getting a technical for taking his tie off.

B. Tom Penders getting a technical for having a heart attack.

(Dan) #287

Armoni struggled on the road pretty significantly last year until late Feb. Something to keep an eye on.

(Jay C.) #288

“Rode him to the ground”??? What were you watching? The baseline cam shows Corey almost went completely around the guy, barely grazed him. I have been watching college basketball for 30 plus years, can’t say I’ve ever seen such a ticky tack charge called to end a game

(Jimmy Morris) #289

B but both were ridiculous.

(Dan) #290

That’s the key, just swallow your whistle at the end unless there’s blood and let the kids decide the game. You’ve already called 2 wacky techs on us.

(Jimmy Morris) #291

OK Rode him like a horse is a bit of a stretch but his left leg was firmly against him and his body was clearly leaning over his chest. We have drawn charges for less much of the season.


(Jay C.) #292

Again, that’s a terrible angle. Look at the baseline cam view. Corey barely grazed the guy. Awful call.


Why not. This is a messageboard.

That is exactly the kind of thing we should complain about when it goes against us.

We correctly congratulate the refs when it is for us.

That is the fun of this board of ours. We can have it both ways. It is called venting and it is a healthy exercise.

Healthier than going to a gym where you can pickup a bacteria. Healthier than jogging when you can fall and break something worthwhile .

(Jimmy Morris) #294

One wacky tech call. The first one was 100% the right call against Armoni.

(gpropes) #295

Corey’s nuts are on the guy’s chest. It was a good call.


Wow, so close. Time to start a new winning streak.

(Albert) #297

Plus we missed 6 free throws v theirs 3 missed. That changes a lot too. We have the lead at the end they are forced to foul… and I imagine we get the ball in cdjr’s hand. Free throws!


Well, to be fair, Armoni’s tech was legit. You can’t hang on the rim. But the tie tech from 90 feet away was absurd.


At least we get them at home in 3 weeks. We’ll beat them badly as payback!


A Rockets win and Family Guy should get me over this minor road bump loss pretty quickly. Would rather lose this one (in a very questionable manner) than lose one in March or April.

(Patrick) #301

By the way, this team’s last three losses were a Cincy game winner by 1, a Michigan game winner by 1, and tonight by 4 that could have easily have gone to overtime. Crazy