Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)

(Randy Randel) #322

Last undefeated team was 1976 Indiana squad

(srassen7) #323

Tough way to see the streak end, but a really gutty performance when the Coogs clearly didn’t have their A game. Hopefully the lumps from tonight pay dividends on the roadies to Orlando and Cincy.


I didn’t see the game on tv, but why didn’t they go for the win on the road; only conclusion is that they were playing tight on the 3 pt line and gave Corey the open lane to take.

Looking at the box score, we need to upgrade Cedric Alley. He just ain’t giving us anything on offense.

(Patrick) #325

Drive was the right play; Temple guy made a good play as well. Just one of those things.

I don’t disagree with the charge. Normally, in that situation, it’s a no call, but it wasn’t technically wrong.

It was other calls, earlier in the 2nd half, that we’re the killers.

(gpropes) #326

Kelvin has repeatedly said that he wasn’t changing the starting lineup until we lost.

The problem is that the obvious replacement - Fabian - hasn’t really played all that well either.

(Dan) #327

What about Hinton? Though I really like the energy Hinton brings off the bench, maybe they could switch places and Alley be the energy bench guy. Hinton ended the game last night.

Alley and Brady are more solid than dynamic. Neither are going to take a bunch of shots if they’re not falling but both have intangibles that don’t always show up on a stat sheet. I wouldn’t change the starters at this point. If Deeky or Hinton comes off the bench and gets hot, just leave them in.


I’ve seen no improvement in Fabian, he is tentative when he gets the ball, doesn’t know what to do with it, everyone thinks he is great, I just don’t see it, now when I see Hinton and Jarreau, I see IT, natural talents, White not so much


I kind of think he’s not over the injury (mentally more than physically). He was much more decisive and instinctive last year.

(Dan) #330

Fabian has the most offensive potential of any of our big men and it’s not really close. If he can find consistency in that 12 foot baseline jumper like Devin had last year it would be huge for us. He’s had a couple of home games where it’s been there. CKS has said multiple times Fabian is coming off injury and is finding his way so the patience with him will continue.

(Jimmy Morris) #331

They technically did. The plan was to drive the lane, go for two, hope to get fouled while making a bucket.


I do believe if that play was made in Houston it wouldn’t have been called a charge. Anywho- just got to stay focus.

(Patrick) #333


Gorham probably does but White has lots of potential. Don’t forget, he was injured in the off-season, so that kind of stunt his growth as far as development. But I expect big things from him for his junior and senior years, albeit no serious injury pops up.

(Patrick) #335


That’s pretty much how I saw it, so Penders is exactly right. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dan) #337

And if it’s a controversial charge AT ALL and there’s 0 on the clock, swallow your stupid whistle. Penders doesn’t just say things to be a homer he knows what he’s talking about.

(Jay C.) #338

You mean to tell me Seth Davis thinks a dubious call against Houston was “A clear charge. Easy call.”??? I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.


So is Corey Davis a troll for not blaming the refs?

(John m Bevil) #340

CKS will correct this game. No way Brooks should have the ball at the point. He should be posting up a baseline 3, not handling the ball. Pass it to a PG and go to your spot, you are not the ball handler. I am okay with this
game if it gets Temple in the dance, now if Memphis can get hot, we can have 5 in, which is on par with P5.

(Patrick) #341

Is this directed towards me? I didn’t call you, or anyone else, a troll for not calling out the refs.