Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)

(Keenum Era Coog) #121

two back to back bad calls against us

(Patrick) #122

Hinton starting to go off


Nice boost from Hinton

(Patrick) #124

My lord…Hinton’s a stud

(Cougarpad) #125

Lol Galen got up off the bench and patted Sampson to calm down so not to get tech.

(Patrick) #126

54-52 Coogs with 11:05 left in the game.

Hinton has scored 8 in a row.

(Mitchell Patterson) #127

Basketball announcers smh

(Patrick) #128

White picked up his 3rd foul just before the break.

(Jimmy Morris) #129

I noticed that but Brady pulled Galen back quickly and an assistant chewed out Galen for his own good.

(Albert) #130

Hinton :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and he’s only a freshman. Good lord!!! What a nice stretch he is having.

(Shawn) #131

I vote to let the freshman Hinton take over the game. He has the skills to do it!


This #13 is unreal. Goodness he is raw.

(Cougarpad) #133

He was talking about Rose getting an easy basket but it was because were playing 5-4.


When they’re calling 28 games a week you’re lucky to get the E Team. These guys are around L.


This looks like it’s going to be a dog fight. Win or lose, this type of game is good for us to experience.


C’mon Armoni! Be smarter than that!

(Jimmy Morris) #137

I love the attempt by Armoni but what was he thinking about holding on until the ball came back down?

(Cougarpad) #138

Brooks trying a Globetrotter dunk by holding on to the rim and dunking it. That is stupid to be a tech. Just give the other team the ball.

(Jimmy Morris) #139

Hopefully doesnt become a 4 point play.


This might be the quietest crowd I’ve ever heard.