Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)

(Jimmy Morris) #161

That contact on Jarreau to get open was worse than the contact Davis made when he went inside. Definitely the refs taking over the game. Can’t hold this against the coach and players if the streak ends but I think we have enough time to settle down and beat the 5 players and 1 official. Not giving up yet.

(Cougarpad) #162

My question is why the ref was looking back down the court at Sampson. Talk about insecure and thin ear.

(Ben B) #163

And now we’re playing tight instead of loose. That will be difference in the game. F ing refs

(Mitchell Patterson) #164

Let the right players take shots and you win. 13 stop shooting plz


And now the refs have swallowed their whistles, but only on our end.

(Patrick) #166

Temple leads 62-54 with 8 minutes to go

Refs completely changed the complexion of this game.

(Albert) #167

We still need to make our shots.

(Cougarpad) #168

How is beating us a win for the ages? These commentators are stupid.


Temple guards are outplaying Houston guards. That is the difference right now.


Jarreau needs to sit for a minute or two. Need high percentage possessions right now.

(Jimmy Morris) #171

We are 15-0 and the favorite. A bit of hyperbole but it’s their job to exaggerate the hype of a game so don’t hold it against them. They have been completely fair in calling this game.

(Cougarpad) #172

Officiating is slowing destroying the watchability of college basketball.

(Ben B) #173

We had a lead until the refs entered the game, now we’re down by 8. The refs are COMPLETELY the difference in this game.

(Cougarpad) #174

That is still not a win for the ages.


This may be the game you guys


Time to start making some free throws.

(Cougarpad) #177

I have thought we would lose a couple on the road and then take care of business at home.


Rally rally rally


This might be the worst game Armoni has played this year. Playing no defense, not rebounding and almost a zero on offense as well.

(Patrick) #180

65-60 Temple with 4:57 left.

Coogs still in this but got to hit some shots and make some stops