Gameday Thread: Houston at Temple

(Eric Prado) #1

First AAC conference game for the coogs.

Lots of questions regarding the Cougar offense heading into this game. The only things for certain is our QB will have a “K” in his name but which one will it be?

  • Kyle Allen
  • Kyle Postma
  • D’Eriq King

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Also, do we go 1-0 in conference play?

  • Houston
  • Temple

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(Eric Prado) #2

I would love to see King start but I wouldn’t bet on it


My ACCU Weather app says 67 for a high in Philly tomorrow with 15 mph wind, gust to 24. Don’t like the wind for our passing game but the temp should help our guys feel like supermen after practicing and playing in 90 degrees.

(CoogNation_14) #4

Hoping CMA and BJ innovated to push the Bal deeper down field

(Patrick) #5

31-3 today. Temple just has nothing on offense.

(Patrick) #6

(Luke P) #7

Earlier this week the word was that the game would be on CBS sports, but it’s listed on my Watch ESPN app on ESPN U

(Patrick) #8

I was thinking the same thing. Looks like it got moved to ESPNU

Edit: never mind, got confused with the SMU game that was announced for CBSsports earlier this week.

(Tom) #9

Postma should start, but I think CMA is too invested in KA. KA may have a big game against temple.


Temple’s DE Martin will eat KA alive. kid is good based on what I saw in USF game. KP or DK have the feet to avoid him.

(Eric Prado) #11

(Patrick) #12

Listening to JDs periscope:

  • Myres back today.
  • Says he’d bet a cheesesteak that Postma will start :astonished:


Which is part of the reason Postma will get the start, I believe.

(Patrick) #14

(Ricky ) #15

I wonder if Matthew Adams has a chance to get drafted this year

(Patrick) #16

(Patrick) #17

I think he’ll get drafted.

(Patrick) #18

Right decision to start Postma

(J V ) #19

I feel bad for Allen but Postma is the right guy for this offense.

I also think Catalon needs to join Allen on the bench too.

(Patrick) #20

Don’t agree with Catalon. I felt the same way last year as he was shuffling his feet before hitting the hole. He’s a different guy this year; gets the ball and goes. OLine has to create holes though.

Still, would like to see more of a balance with Birden getting more carries.