GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)


is brooks time, unlimited range

(Cougarpad) #182

This game is a must win for seeding, ranking, and our home winning streak!


Refs are awful tonight

(Grant) #184

Gonna be a fun final 7 minutes.

(Gt) #185

Coogs just gotta do their thing closing out games at home. They got this.

(Patrick) #186

3rd on Jarreau

(Patrick) #187



With the foul trouble Coogs are in a tough spot

(Patrick) #189

Damn, another offensive rebound for Cincy

(Gt) #190

That’s not a good shot said the commentator then it goes in. Stupid bias commentator.

(Patrick) #191

Cumberland-Jarreau show

(Patrick) #192

Get a freaking rebound


Refs are always awful.

(Patrick) #194

La Deeky! Up to 13 points

Coogs lead 61-58 with4:56 left. Cincy timeout

What a game!

(Eric) #195

Get a rebound!!!

(Cougarpad) #196

Need a stop and score hear so badly!

(Gt) #197

Al Jarreau is moonlighting the bearcats.

(Ben B) #198

Let’s shut out cinci for remainder of the game!!!

(Eric) #199

man with just a few things going our way we could be running away with this game.

(Michael C Webb) #200