GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Gt) #241

Would like to see brooks, robinson, or davis close this out.

(Ben B) #242

Hasn’t been the same since the mask.

(Patrick) #244

63-58 Coogs with 39 seconds left

Refs looking at an out of bounds play

(Trent) #245

I don’t know if Kellen Sampson has what it takes to take over coaching someday. His jacket and tie are still on in a game like this…


Ref has really good eyes. I didn’t see the Cincy player kick it after Brooks on the live feed.

(Gt) #247

Jarreau needs to dev a more consistent 3 in the off season. it would expand his game.

(Patrick) #248

Coogs ball

(Patrick) #249

Come on guys

(Ben B) #250

How do you not take the layup there!!!

(sphinx drummond) #251

Brooks needs to go hard to the basket there.

(Patrick) #252

Coogs to the line for 1-1 with 14 seconds left

Davis to the line. Cumberland and Jarreau pushing and shoving

(Ricky ) #253

Cumberland don’t want any


Clean inbounds and make two FTs. That will end it.

(Gt) #255

FT and win!

(Patrick) #256

Cincy gone about 6 minutes without scoring

(Patrick) #257

Davis makes 1-2


(Patrick) #258

Jarreau rebound, fouled.

5 seconds

(Patrick) #259

Jarreau with 8 boards too


How ‘bout them COOOOOOGS

(Grant) #261

Fantastic game!! That rematch is gonna be a dogfight.