GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Robert Swearengin) #302

Looked great on TV! Crowd was the type our Coaches and Players deserve.

I hate to use the term “Genius” on virtually anyone but…Isn’t Sampson pretty close as a Coach?


One game at a time. Let’s concentrate on the next game.

Once we are in the top 10 we got a big target on our back


Crowd was relentless on the Radio, sound like a Rockets playoff game against the Warriors…imagine that!

(Michael C Webb) #305

You are so right, why I don’t post on our boards anymore.


lost in the mix of all of this is that armoni consecutive 3pt record ended today


What the heck happened to the Harris from November? I do not recognize that confident, angry kid out on the court these days! He’s going to pay huge dividends down the stretch and beyond.

(Cougarpad) #308

Well the AAC has quite the classless fans between Memphis, WSU, and Cinci. Have some dignity in losing. It is bad for the conference when you have fans bases that can never just accept losing to a better team. They think they are the gift to the AAC and that no other team could ever beat them honestly. I don’t follow another team outside of the Coogs. Do other conferences deal with the entitlement like this outside of UT and the Big 12?


Bear, I think we all do that. Everyone is upset. We do that here to…we blowup when we lose as well. I think it is because we all are fans of our teams. I have a church friend who is a Cincy alumni and he and I both was talking up this game the past couple of days. Quite sure he is upset, but I know he is probably vent right now. Hopefully he wont hold it against me Next Sunday when I see him and his family.

(Keenum Era Coog) #310

Also a shout out to chris harris. His game is improving leaps and bounds and he is becoming a reliable contributor. Next year, he could be a leader like corey or galen

(Dan) #311

And thanks to 45 north post game traffic for reminding me why I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sheesh you guys are warriors.


My ears are still ringing from it being so damn loud in the FC today. What a game, what a crowd, what a season


Thank God the combination of Jarreau on offense and Hinton on defense were able to more than neutralize Cumberland! That guy is crazy good, but so is Jarraeu!


The refs had nothing to do with UC shooting 22 of 66 FG from the field.

They have no one to blame but themselves.


Whoooose House? JARREAUUUU’S HOUSE!!

What a season indeed! Go COOGS!

(Patrick) #316


Coogs simply played more consistently than the Bearcats and that’s why they won! The refs are pretty fair in this game, they let both teams play! I like that!

If Cincinnati fans complained about the foul calls, I ask them to look at how the refs put Cumberland on the free throw line on many questionable calls as well! Sometimes, he wasn’t even touched but he got to shoot free throws!

(sphinx drummond) #318

That was the most exciting regular season game since 1984.

(Patrick) #319

(PMM) #320

Blame the UH defense !!


Watched the post game interview and Corey and Deeky were about to fall over laughing at one point after Sampson said something to the effect of Deeky was equivalent to a high schooler