GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)


I may have said that wrong

(Matt Jackson) #323

Such a great day. Pinks was popping before the game. They clearly did not staff well but everyone had a good time. Hats off to Cincy they hit tough shot after tough shot. Cumberland is an absolute stud. This was about 2 Sweet 16 caliber teams slugging it out and the better team on this day was the Coogs. Basketball is where we should have been making hay all along post SWC and I think we are here to stay as a power. Proud of the coaches, players, and fans for making TFC , the most exciting destination in Houston sports.


That was the fewest number of fouls I have ever seen called on Cinci.

(Al) #325

Watched the game with 2 ACC and 1 SEC “friends” on the east coast. Respect. Well coached. Calling us a serious dark horse. All smiles, from this old Coog. Great effort. Great crowd. Great noise.
I go back to early 60’s with the Gray Ghost, Gary Phillips in the old Missouri Valley Conference. Held Big “O” to 9 points!!!

Great win. Wish I could have been there. Cincy looked very good.

Patrick. Get well, lad. Speedy and complete recovery.

(Jimmy Morris) #326

This is what I took from it. Cumberland is probably the best player in the league. He single handedly kept Cincy in the game. With that amazing effort he just had, he just gave our players that much more confidence we can beat anyone. Anyone having doubts that a team effort can overcome athleticism, they should be put to rest today.

(Jimmy Morris) #327

Cincy only had 10 fouls called on them against SMU just a week ago. Cincy might be tough but they play mostly clean respectable basketball. They aren’t the same team that had guys come off the bench just to bruise you like back in the Bob Huggins/C-USA days.

(Patrick) #328


Drink some hot Manzanilla tea.

(Jimmy Morris) #330

and shortly after this picture was taken, Brady was rolling on the ground in pain from nicking his shin on the edge of the chair getting down. Coach listed him as minute to minute.


You know, I have firgotten about the Rockets…And I have been a Houston Rockets fan since 1985. The Coogs have always been my team since childhood, pro team since Oikers left, but I think this basketball team has become my professionak team, the Rockets are officialky 2nd fiddle to the Coogs!!!


Dansatjr, I’m in the Tricities in Tn. Let’s get a watch party together for some games.


Damn, that’s harsh. :smile:


Mick is my 2nd fave coach is this conference. No bs, great teacher, cares for his kids. I don’t get why some on this board give him a hard time.

(Randy Randel) #335

What he said was that Nate didn’t have the body of the typicsl freshman at 6’5” and 210. He followed that with Dejon on the other hand was somewhere between a sophomore and junior in high school

(PMM) #336

Because we love him !!


When I first saw Jarreau play, I figured they didn’t have a meal plan wherever he transferred from. Young man still has room to grow


Jarraeu changes the game as soon as he come in. I like him being in that 6th man role. Throws teams off and hard to prepare for…

(Dan) #339

I agree CKS respects Mick and his program immensely, talks about it often. I loved his “tough guy” rant about AAC officials that’s probably my favorite coach presser this year. He bought pizza for students that camped out for tickets to Xavier. A really good coach.


CKS comments about Jarreau needing to mature some more at the press conference summed it up perfectly. The opportunity for him to do some of that as a sixth man is ideal. It’s another big plus that comes from having really good depth.


When Davis got the fourth foul, I knew it was Jarreau time…needless to say, he didnt dissappoint!!!