GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)


So I’m at work and can’t watch. I noticed though that Brooks has 1 shot!? whose guarding him or did he get hurt?

(Patrick) #122

Welcome, we try to keep it reasonable here. Going to be a great 2nd half.

(Gregg) #123

Love to know who owns the empty seats behind Coogs bench


They are even nice to this NC State grad

(Patrick) #125

Cumberland is a stud

(Ben B) #126

Cumberland is impressive


Pistol Pete Brady!

(Ben B) #128

They just dragged our guy to the ground and no call!!!

(Michael C Webb) #129

Not far from the Pack’s campus.

(Patrick) #130

Fabian looks out of sorts today

(Eric) #131

These announcers are really terrible

(Patrick) #132

Coogs get a break on that inbound. Brooks didn’t get thaT shot off in time.

(Patrick) #133

William Jackson III and Elandon Roberts in the house

(Patrick) #134

41-37 Coogs with 15:53 left

Coogs are still struggling with the boards on Cincy’s end

(Ben B) #135

Does the clock start before he touches it? Otherwise he got it off and they just started it early


That basket from White felt like converting a 2nd and 35.

(Patrick) #137

Should start after he touches it.

Looking at the replay, you’re right. Cronin didn’t complain either.

(Ben B) #138

He didn’t hold it a full second. I think they started it early. Someone with DVR can check

Edit: thanks for checking.


I may be wrong, but technically it could have been .1 left, not a full second but the shot clock doesn’t show that.


I thought the buzzer sounded before it left his hand. The TV said 1 second but in could have been more in reality.