GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Patrick) #141


(Ben B) #142

There we go!!!

(Patrick) #143

Galen picks up his 3rd


Time for the Jarreau show.

(Cougarpad) #145

Is it just me or every time we get momentum the refs call a foul on us?

(Ben B) #146

It’s reality

(Patrick) #147

Gresham with 4 blocks

(Patrick) #148

Nysier Brooks picks up a tech for taunting.

Brooks has 5 offensive rebounds. Killing us

(Cougarpad) #149

Cinci just got a tech called on them.

(Ben B) #150

Love Jarreau

(sphinx drummond) #151

Euro stepping for Jareau


He has an extra gear and he’s on today.

(Ben B) #153

Can Cumberland graduate right this instant?

(Patrick) #154

Brooks with 11 boards. 5 offensive

(Patrick) #155


(Ben B) #156

Cumberland better be this hot in March Madness to rep the conference.

(Patrick) #157

Davis picks up his 3rd

49-46 Coogs with 10:45 to go

(Grant) #158

Damn Cumberland is just a baller.


Really should try to steal his car keys before the game up there so he can’t get to the gym

(Cougarpad) #160

We just can’t put Cinci away.