GAMEDAY thread: Houston vs UCONN - American Quarterfinals - Friday at 11am on ESPN2 (W 84-45)

(Patrick) #1

Starting up the thread. Think we match up well with UCONN and shouldn’t have much problems with them.

(Dan) #2

Agreed we should be fine, but the game might last 3 hours. Hurley gets on my nerves. Always working the refs.

(Matt Jackson) #3

With a healthy Jalen Adams it’s a tougher game than last time
But I doubt they shoot
60% like they did today.

(Eric) #4

nothing’s changed from when he was a player

(Ryon Adams) #5

We already beat 'em on the road, right?

Given that, I suspect we win on neutral court.


Yes, long trip to CT coming off the two huge wins over UCF and Cincy which jumped us into the top 10. That easily could have been a “trap game” we didn’t show up for if we had a lesser coach.


Coogs are a solid -10 favorite across the board.


Coogs for the WIN


No snow to worry about in Memphis…a Coogs win.


Good thing I am working from home tomorrow to catch 5-10 minute increments on the recorded You Tube TV!!

Yep, left Direct TV and am an official cord cutter, love it!!


Tomorrow is my off Friday from work. Looking forward to an entertaining UH win over UConn.

Think 30-2!!


Hey mine too! Wife thinks I’ll be home only doing yard work! Muhahaha! Go Coogs!

(Larry) #13

Alarm set for 10:00 to get up (Spring Break) and pack for a trip post 11:00 UH game. Then hit the road to help Tilman pay off his FC commitment. Definitely wearing UH gear over to Lake Charles as normal. Amazing how many comments and “Go Coogs!” we catch. Last trip had multiple comments including a young high school student comment she was headed to UH after she graduates this spring to major in biomed studies.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #14

I don’t exp3ct an easy game but yeah.wenplay our game 2e should be fine.
J. Adams is a top 5 playernin the conference so he does make a difference but we will.make 8t very tough onbhim.

I also like that a couple of their starters played 37 min today.

(Grant) #15

Is this a code? Haha


Why folks try to post from a cell phone is beyond me. That big fingers on little keys thing.


Not one complaint about the 11am Tip-Off. Am I on CoogFans?:grinning: Go Coogs!


I’m desperately trying to get some work done before tip off, but it’s just not happening. Way too excited about this team!

(Dan) #19

Jeremy on radio 1045 central fyi. I don’t think any pregame will be on ESPN2. The conference has a live pregame on their FB page as well.


This is an instance in which being retired is better than great. Coffee, cigar. Now just need a win.