Gameday Thread: Navy at Houston

(Eric Prado) #1

For the five of us that will show up to the game…

  • Houston
  • Navy

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(Patrick) #2

White helmets, red jerseys, white pants


Another underutilized combo getting love. I like it.

(zx504) #4

We ask the players to “do their job” when it comes to blocking, routes, defending, etc.

Now the fans need to “do their job” — SHOW UP!

If you’re within 60 minutes of the stadium and reading this…DO YOUR JOB!


Did the game start already? Need more coffee.

(jimmyschofield) #6

I don’t have a good feeling about this game. But then again they’ve played the opposite of how I thought they would every week, so here’s to us blowing them out! lol

(J V ) #7

Yikes, no students. Well, that’s not true. Maybe 30.

(shharper01) #8

I think we win. I didn’t make the trip from Henderson. Bad fan! I am going to watch the whole game and spur on a big group for the basketball games in Dallas.

(Eric Prado) #9

Navy fans outnumber us

(shharper01) #10

Tickets as low as $16 on the NW corner (123).

Last year, brokers would dump hundreds for $5-$6 but this year prices are staying higher.

12 are available for the TCU/Baylor game for $16 to $25.


I went with my gut feeling in the vote, really hope I’m wrong.

(Ricky ) #12

I don’t think we win unless we score at least 30


hows tdecu lookin

is it empty

(Cary) #14

(jimmyschofield) #15

Mack Brown on color. Should be interesting w/ the love fest for Major. lol


so sad

such a disapointing season

(Jimmy Morris) #17

If there is any time that students have a legitimate excuse to not make a game, it’s the morning after Thanksgiving.


If we would have beaten Tulane, there would have been a crowd


True, but they found a way to show up two years ago.


Going to be long day if they give up 7 Yards on first downs