GAMEDAY Thread: TSU 2018 - (W 70-14)

Make your pick. Hopefully, we only have to worry about the top option today:

  • Coogs win by >10
  • Coogs win by <10
  • TSU wins by <10
  • TSU wins by >10

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Guessing Rob Gray

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Or the guest coach. Owen Grey.

How do you watch this game on ESPN3?

Dang, I hit the wrong button…meant we would win by more than 10

on a computer

If you don’t have one of the TV providers it list to show you have ESPN at home you can always try streaming services like I’ll post below. Beware though, if you don’t have a good ad blocker and virus detection, malware can be loaded onto your computer.

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The blue lot has plenty of parking.

20 cars total here

Waiting for a troll to pick TSU to win :joy::joy::joy:

55 point favorites. I would look to get the starters out at the half up big. Last thing you need is a twisted knee, ankle etc on a wet field.

If this game is within 35 points it would be mind boggling.

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This game gonna be empty? I’m not going due to family stuff

Hope we shut em out to zero

Saw Davis come out with his leg on a push cart.

Not going to lie, I like the energy of TSu’s band!


Here we go Coogs! Eat em up!!

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The weather is not that bad and I saw a packed student tailgate.

WHO is your TV provider if you have one

Always on the lookout!!!

Awesome! I had to travel this weekend so I will miss the game in person.

Looks like they have the same announcers and camera guys that do the Texans preseason games.

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