Games of Interest: 1/7/19-1/13/19

(Patrick) #1

Little late with this one


OSU is looking pretty good against UT right now - up 16 with about 11 minutes left.

Games of Interest: 12/31/18-1/6/2019
(David) #3

OSU goes to the foul line with 10 secs and 1-pt lead. He makes both FT and UT misses long 3

[Side note: crowd was not huge from what I saw for this 10-4 UT vs 6-8 OSU match up]

(David) #4

Still want Shaka to do just enough to keep his job but still not win a tourney game.


Tech looks so much better than OU early.

(David) #6

Now I want LSU to beat Bama in Baton Rouge. [SEC Channel] Bama knocked off Kentucky over the weekend I think

(David) #7

Tech is one team that I don’t want UH to face. They play strong defense and are physical from what I have seen. Not saying UH wouldn’t win…


I guess i’ll be switchin on all three; the NC game is on too. I’ll be rooting for State just to side with Packtex. And because the tar heels are satan.


Lots of similarities, imo.

(David) #10

Yes…which is why I prefer UH avoid them


I think UH has more balanced and consistent scoring, but Tech is one of the few teams you’ll see that plays as hard and crashes the boards like we do. They win a lot of ugly games.


I would love to be in the ACC for BBall.


Duke whoop them.

(Russel ) #14

I wouldn’t say duke whooped them…they pulled away in the final 3 minutes. Dukes fire power is a lot to overcome.


Tech’s offense is spotty, and they went cold in the second half of that game. That’s the advantage we would have over them in a head-to-head.


They turn the ball over alot. PG play is spotty.

(David) #17

I wish the refs would let UH play like OU-TTU are getting after it. Both teams would be in the double bonus by the 10 min mark if the calls were the same as the UH games


Yeah, especially with the big guys - refs seem to have a special place in their hearts for calling fouls on our bigs.

(David) #19

LSU up 13 with under 12 remaining…


Baylor knocked off Iowa State. ISU threw up a half court shot at the buzzer to try to tie and it was the worst case of a ref swallowing his whistle I have ever seen. Dude got absolutely mugged by the Baylor guy and no call.