Games of Interest: 1/7/19-1/13/19

(Tom Green) #43

Nvm i think you meant Oregon past UCLA not Tulsa. Confusing bec Tulsa blew 6 pt lead w 1 min go n lost n OT.

(Randy Randel) #44

Oregon blew 9-point lead with less than a minute to go at home against UCLA, and ended up losing in OT

(Patrick) #45

Oregon’s injuries have killed their season. Sucks for us.

(Dan) #46

To think I was scared of those pathetic Ducks when I heard we were opening FC with them.


At home, Temple leading USF by 14 at the half.

The Entitlement University of Austin leading Lubbock Senior Community College by 4 at the half…in Austin.


Good ball game…too bad it’s on the lhn and I have to keep switching the channel during time outs rather than watch all their obnoxious longhorn ads.

TT is the real deal…they deserve their ranking.


Temple lead down to 2 with 15 minutes left.


Temple and USF going into overtime.


Hippie Hollow Technical Institute loses to Flatland Western University, 68-62.

(Jerrycoog) #52

TV Ted at at again in Florida St.- Duke


He is among the worst, no question. Just switched on after the TT game and his presence was noticed immediately, and not in a good way.


Temple USF is a great game! Temple is simply refusing to lose. They’re also refusing to win. Just cannot put USF away.

(Russel ) #55

Usf is no longer a pushover!


Finally…nice win for Temple. They have a lot of moxy.


Tons of ranked teams have gone down today so far. We need to beat WSU by 20 to take advantage.

(Jimmy Morris) #58

Temple’s overtime game to USF and SMU taking it to Tulsa is making me a little nervous on how good our Coogs really are. Won’t have to wait much longer.

(Randy Randel) #59

Not surprised by Tulsa result. They really blew the game Thursday nite, and the realization of NIT being the best they can do this year


#15 (at least for now) NC State survives an ejection, a really scary fall and some spotty shooting before beating Pitt

Cheaters lose by 20 or so.

Duke wins at the Buzzer and Dick Vitale wets his pants for the tenth time during the broadcast calling the winning shot.

(Jimmy Morris) #61

The Cowboys haven’t played yet but I like the sound of that score. Not sure why you put it in the basketball games of interest thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Go Rams!