Games of Interest 2/4/19-2/10/19

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Would that be the same or similar to the CFP committee???

(Patrick) #5

Similar. Basically, they announce their top 16 teams every Saturday leading up to Selection Day.

(steve saxenian) #6

Probably the same . Look for UT at 12-10 ro get invited to the big dance


Cause they travel well and have money!!


Wins over Purdue, North Carolina, and Kansas help as well.

(Ian Blake) #9

And those quality losses to Oklahoma State, TCU, Providence and that power house Radford ahould improve their RPI as well.

(David) #10

Don’t worry. This UT thing will fix itself over the next few weeks but hopefully Shaka holds onto his job.


He has a 13 million dollar buyout so it complicates things.

(David) #12

Just take it out of the mascot’s Alright, Alright, Alright Fund

(Randy Randel) #13

Not to mention their recent NCAA tourney success. I’m fairly certain you have to go back to Tom’s days at UT for their last win over a higher-seeded team. Always achieving less with more


In 2002 under Barnes as a 6 seed went to sweet 16.

(David) #15

Looking at CBS Bracketology, UCF and Temple are both 11 seeds. Except for the two UCF games against UH, need both to keep winning. Temple is barely in the Q1 and UCF is close based on what I saw on the CBS site.

(Randy Randel) #16

Overrated Mich State down by 9 at the half to 7-15 Illinois

(brian D GALLAGHER) #17

Michigan st. game once again proves how clueless pollsters are. How in the hell are they ahead of us again?

(Randy Randel) #18

Took the lead with about 4 minutes to go but Illini comeback to win it 79-74


Ah hem, 8 - 15 now!

(David) #20

It’s a quality loss since Illinois was good enough to beat Michigan St [known as the Purdue effect this season]