Games of Interest 2/4/19-2/10/19


Wow, I’d never thought I would see the day when losing to a subpar team is considered “quality”…just like a 12-10 UT team got a AP Vote…mediocre folks getting votes???


#10 Marquette goes down at home.


Saint Louis beats Dayton at home.


K State takes down #13 Kansas at home.


Dominoes falling perfectly for us this week of we can take care of business.


TCOB, and you are inching toward a 2 seed!

(Ben B) #27

We definitely need to keep winning.


We move up in RealtimeRPI: #4!!!


Utah State beats Fresno on the road.

Excellent night of results for the Coogs.

(Patrick) #30

Temple kicking the ever-loving poop out of UCONN at half. 46-20


Remember the days when UCONN was as elite as Duke…I was there when we lost to #2 UCONN at the HOF by 6 pts. Seem like so long ago as UCONN is now an “also ran”.


to be fair uconns top 2 players arent playing …

and dont count out uconns brand just yet, they alreayd have 1 5star commited, and 2 top 100 guards…they are also top 3 for a top 10 prospect …next year could be completely different for uconn


but an interesting note from that game is that jalen adams looks to be badly hurt, sampson has called him the hardest player to defend in the AAC…im not sure he’ll be healthy by our game vs uconn

(Patrick) #34

(Patrick) #35

(Patrick) #36

Wichita State destroying ECU at ECU. Pirates are falling apart in conference (but beat Cincy)

(Ben B) #37

Good. We need a good UConn basketball team in conference


What is up with some of these rediculously low scores? I thought freedom of movement, restricted arc, et cet rule changes from last year were supposed to make college ball flashy. But man it seems like its headed the other way.
Nova/Creighton just ended regulation 49-49. Wisc/minn 24-21 halftime. Last week had some insanely low scores.

And then there’s the NC rivalry game which had 200 points. All over the place I guess.

(Patrick) #39

Big 12 continues to cannibalize itself

(Patrick) #40

LSU losing in the 2nd half to Mississippi State.