Games of Interest 2/4/19-2/10/19

(Patrick) #41

LSU Still down 5 with 11:35 left.

(Patrick) #42

Looking at that Wisconsin game and there have been 4 free throws total with 8 minutes to go. Crazy.

Wisconsin is 338th in pace in all of college basketball and Minnesota is lower half. Lot of long possessions is my guess.

(Patrick) #43

LSU within 1 with 4:41 left


Do we need to reinvent the shot clock and bring it to 10 seconds to increase the scoring???

(Patrick) #45

LSU tied with 20 seconds left. Tigers have the ball with 15 left on the shot clock after the timeout.


At 13 - 10, I don’t care who they beat…that is a NIT/CBI record…there are more worthy teams than Texas…

(Patrick) #47

OT between Miss State and LSU. LSU had 2 shots, missed both, and then Miss State missed a running layup at the buzzer.


Okie State loses on a buzzer beater at TCU.

(Patrick) #49

Huge 3 by LSU (just made it in). They’re up 4 with 11 seconds left.

(Patrick) #50

Ballgame, LSU wins by 4.


Good away win for LSU.

(Patrick) #52

Nevada had a huge lead on Colorado State in the 1st half, but only lead by 5 with 15:26 to go.


Was gonna do some late night work, might watch that Nevada game instead.


Oregon beats Cal at home by 11.

Edit: Oregon might have the busiest floor design in the country.

(Randy Randel) #55

Very difficult to watch a game with that floor. Distracting

(David) #56

For those like me wondering, Nevada won 98-82. I haven’t seen Nevada play at all this year but I see where Caroline (F) for Nevada scored 30 last night…in the FIRST HALF (ended up with 40). They have two senior forwards that average 19/game.


Nevada is ranked high kinda because they have 5 starting seniors. Very experienced group. Everybody knows how much that helps come crunch time.

(Tom Green) #58

But more important or as important they are coming off a very successful season–Elite8. Plus were returning all 5 starters so when you start year ranked around #10 how/why do you get punished with only 1 loss no matter how weak schedule may be. Coogs started off in mid 40s–low 50s in most preseason sites n have had to steady climb all year.


Which is why I feel they ranked us too low. We had a couple of Seniors graduating, but most on this board knew We were bringing back a better squad than last years squad. Those on the outside need to analyze better.that is what they get paid to do.

(Tom Green) #60

Not to argue, but not sure CKS would agree with you. He thought they could be good eventually but he didn’t know what to expect first 2 months. Said the other day he never imagined they would be 21-1 at this point. But I get your point but also I’m firm believer when you do it over n over you start getting noticed. Ex. See Gonzaga !