Games of Interest 2/4/19-2/10/19

(David) #61

I think we can agree that some programs have performed consistently over a period of time to get the benefit of doubt that they can replace players that leave. UH is not there yet but is on a nice trend towards that.

(Jimmy Morris) #62

Even during Tom’s days most any time they beat a higher seed, it was in front of a Texas crowd. They seen to have a knack for getting the first two rounds in a Texas bracket when they are a 7 through 11 seed and get the second two rounds in a Texas bracket when they are a 6 or better seed. Just coincidental I’m sure.

(Tom Green) #63

This! +1

(Ben B) #64

I think we’re there as long as there is no collapse coming. We will be getting votes despite graduations next pre-season.

(David) #65

If there is no collapse coming, this team will be Top 25 preseason next year. There are enough believers out there at this point.

(Patrick) #66

Memphis up on Cincy 35-29 at the half. Tigers are tough at home.

(Patrick) #68

Memphis still up 6 with just under 12 to go.

(Patrick) #69

Memph8s up 3, just under 8

(Patrick) #71

Cincy up 4 now with 4 to go.

(Grant) #72

Cmon Cincy. We need them coming here after a Win.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #73

pulling for cincy. want them ranked when we whip them

(Patrick) #74

Cincy by 6 with 1:35 to go.

(Patrick) #75

Cincy wins 69-64.


You got it. . Primetime battle!

(David) #77

Watching SMU-USF in a battle at SMU. If there is any way the standings could end up with Cincy, Temple and USF all opposite of UH in the bracket, that is what I want [unless it requires UH to lose a game]. I will take my chances with UCF, Memphis and SMU.

(Tom Green) #78

I want a 2018/19 Regular Season Basketball Conference Championship. Then with the Conf Tourney you playing for basically one seed level difference. Ask Duke, Virginia or Mich, MichST, Purdue which they rather have. Reg Season Champs carries lot of wt.

(Dan) #79

I was pulling for cincy too. Penny can turn this league on its head with his recruiting if he starts winning. Also I don’t want a mad Cincy coming into FC Sunday.

(Randy Randel) #80

I’m with you on regular season championship. We haven’t had that many innhistory of UH basketball

(David) #81

USF drains a go-ahead 3 with 6 secs left and SMU goes down at home by 1. USF may not be the most talented team but they are well coached. USF coach and Sampson have to be the two battling for AAC Coach of the Year.

(Patrick) #82

I’d prefer to not have Memphis on our side; they’re a much better team on their home court and the tourney is at their place.

Top seed in the tourney plays the 8-9 winner which would be one of SMU/UCONN/Wichita State at the moment. Next game would be against the 4 seed or 5/12 winner (UCF-USF-Tulane respectively as of now)

2 seed plays the 7-10 winner which would be one of the above or Tulsa at the moment. Next game would be against the 3 seed or 6-11 winner (Temple-Memphis-ECU respectively as of now)

If the standings hold like that, give me the top seed as I’d prefer to be opposite Cincy, Temple, Memphis, and Tulsa.