Games of Interest 2/4/19-2/10/19

(Jimmy Morris) #83

Mentioned this in the “tiebreaker” thread. I think it’s completely up in the air on who finishes 5th in the conference. I think there is just as much chance of Memphis finishing 5th as finishing 6th. So the 1 seed or the 2 seed being the less painful route is still a coin flip at this point. Either way, if we finish the season 29-2 and Cincy finishes 27-4, we will have a much higher seed than we could have ever hoped for back in December regardless if we make the conference tourney final or not.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #84

Actually Nevada has five 5th yr seniors. When does that ever happen?

(PMM) #85

I understand that most. if not all, were transfers.

(David) #86

I did think about the home court advantage. I guess I could be convinced to swap USF for Memphis on which team I want to avoid. But USF is very well coached and disciplined.

(Tom Green) #87

Nevada had all 5 starters from last year’s Elite8 Team coming back this year.


both are true…every single key player they have is a transfer, but they their starting 5 from last year also returned (who were transfers at one point)

(Tom Green) #89

Yea I don’t look at their roster that closely on whether they were transfers at one point. I just knew bec it was mentioned many times that their starting 5 from last year were all returning. Hence the high ranking to start season based off last years success.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #90

3-6 could be pretty interesting on the order they finish.

(Grant) #91

I think there was a game where the suns started five guys all younger than Nevada’s starting five.

(Randy Randel) #92

Not of great concern or interest to UH at this point of the season, but remember in November when lots of pundits were enamored with Arizona State. They lost by 21 at home last nite to NET 200-ish Washington State


Yeah, analysts never admit their mistakes…Can’t wait for the first top 16 rankings to come out. There better not be any negative surprises like putting the Coogs at 16 for punishment of conference affiliation as the CFP would!

(Patrick) #94

I’m a bit worried that the Coogs won’t show up in the Top 16 tomorrow. I know it’s not likely, but I wouldn’t be surprised either.


Hence why I said that. I was feeling good about it, but now I am feeling like Charlie Brown running hard to kick that football Lucie is holding.


Coogs will be a three seed tomorrow if the committee provides that much detail.


That would range from ranked 8th place to ranked 12th place…


9th through 12th. I’d be slightly more surprised by a 2 than a 4.


Saint Louis got completely whacked at St. Joe’s by 30.

(Tom Green) #100

Sounds like a Sopranos job! #Whacked

(Jimmy Morris) #101

“the committee won’t solely focus on metrics to select at-large teams and seed the field. There will always be a subjective element to the tournament selection process, too.”

The NCAA has been pushed for years to find a more objective selection process. So the committee is suppose to adhere to the NET for evaluation and then seed subjectively from there. That means the committee members are not allowed to just look at the names of Houston’s opponents and just say “they haven’t played anyone of interest.” They have to respect that Houston is 4-1 in Q I and 7-0 in Q 2 and not just toss them behind a team that is 3-5 in Q I and 4-0 in Q 2 because their name is Virginia Tech and they play in the ACC.

This is what they will start with and maybe they determine 5-4 Q 1, 5-0 Q 2 moves ahead a spot because the non-conference schedule is ranked much higher or they have a higher scoring margin. (The NET “Nitty Gritty”)

(Jimmy Morris) #102

There is a chance with the committee knowing we host Cincy the next day, that they could hedge their bets and place us as a 4 seed so they can drop us out next week if we lose and move us up to a 3 seed next we if we win.