Games of Interest 2/4/19-2/10/19

(Dan) #103

Isn’t the bracket preview just once, tomorrow? I didn’t think it was a weekly thing like the CFP rankings.

(Jimmy Morris) #104

You might be right.

(Patrick) #105

Yes, I thought they did it more often, but it’s just a one time thing

(Patrick) #106

“Once the culture is built the way it is at Cincinnati, at Houston, all these teams that are winning basketball games at a high level, they all believe in one thing: They want to win,” Hardaway said. “They don’t take themselves out of the game. They play good team defense. They scrap every second they’re out on the floor, and we really aren’t that team right now. But we will be.”

(Patrick) #107

Still in the 1st half, but Tulsa is leading Temple by 4 with about 8 minutes to go; 22-18.

(Patrick) #108

Tulsa by 10 now with 4 minutes to go in the half. So damn hard to win on the road in this conference.

(Jimmy Morris) #110

Read that wrong the first time. haha Temple needs more road wins or they will be last 4 out for sure.

(Patrick) #111

39-31 Tulsa at half. Temple only shooting 38% in the 1st half compared to Tulsa’s 62%

(Jimmy Morris) #112

If Temple and UCF both lose road games to mid tier AAC teams this weekend, we are one step closer the 2 bid league. (with the exception of someone other than Houston or Cincy winning the conference tourney of course)


Temple playing so uninspired.


Their shots aren’t falling and Tulsa’s are.

Tulsa is a sneaky city.

(Patrick) #115

Tulsa’s so good at home. They’ve only lost two there, the one to us by 12 and to Cincy in OT by 5.

They’re just awful on the road though with only 1 win this season (Oral Roberts). Their schedule sets up for them to have a chance to win every game left on their schedule…toughest games left are at Memphis and at Temple.

(Patrick) #116

Tulsa beats Temple 76-58. Bad loss for the Owls and I doubt they’ll be in many projections after today. Conference may have dropped to a 2 bid league after this week.

(Patrick) #117

Clemson knocks off an AP Poll ranked 11 Virginia Tech. Hokies weren’t in the committee’s top 16 though.

(David) #118

Man, I was a believer in the Owls and thought they might win out. When I buy a stock [Texas Tech, Temple], you know it’s time to sell!


Kentucky seems to be rounding into shape at the right time.

(Randy Randel) #120

Temple is talented but soft and play disinterested way too much

(Russel ) #121

If USF runs the table with a loss to us of course and then goes on to win a couple games in the conference tourney…you think they might have a shot for an at large?

(Randy Randel) #122

No. They have to win the tourney


Good comeback win by LSU today.