Games of Interest (Non-AAC) - Week of Jan 12th

Wednesday, Jan 15
Notre Dame at Ga Tech
Texas at Ok State
Kentucky at South Carolina

Saturday, Jan 18th
Oregon at Washington
BYU at Gonzaga
Virginia at Ga Tech
Baylor at Ok State
South Carolina at Texas A&M

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#24 Arizona State falls on the road to Oregon State 82-65.

Still very salty about the Tulsa loss. :upside_down_face:

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Duke loses on the road at Clemson 79-72. Just one of those years in CBB.


Clemson must be butter because they’re on a roll!

That one is for you, Stuart Scott. RIP.

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OU trying to hang with KU (ESPN) early in the 2nd half.

LSU gets out of A&M with an OT W. Would have been a bad loss for LSU.

Could ATM end up with a losing record?

I will say “yes” – I give them a shot at 4 or 5 more wins. They may win more than I think but not enough to stay above .500 (currently 8-7). They are playing with better energy from what I have seen but they don’t have the talent level. Buzz will likely get them going starting next year (NIT maybe?).

MSU caned Mizzou tonight. Not that it means anything. ATM is in real trouble this season. I love it. Would love to see them go 0-12 in their last 12 games. Really turn that cattle trough gym into a morgue.

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It’s hard to say. I gave their chances a bump at home. I gave them a shot at beating South Carolina on the road but who knows. It will be a sub .500 season for them unless they turn into a “Buzz”-saw.

Other action:

Maryland loses by 2 @ Wisconsin
West Virginia nearly doubles up TCU
SDSU playing Fresno St – 6 pt lead right now (ESPN2); 17-0 is pretty salty regardless of who you play.

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Looks like South Carolina’s trying to do us a solid.


oooops- not so much on the free throw line down the stretch
Ky ball - 11 seconds - Ky trails by 2 ooops - tie game but wait

They did us a solid.

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#25 Creighton goes down at Georgetown.

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I forgot UCF’s PG is playing for Georgetown now.

Well South Carolina helped us out tonight
OSU lost to tu

Tonight Oregon is playing Washington State AND Oregon State is playing Washington.

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So, mathematically, if you divide one game by the other, everyone cancels out and you end up dividing by zero?


Ok State up on Baylor by 12 with under 1 min in first half


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