Garage parking

I am interested in what peoples train of thought in wanting to park in the garage. i have never parked there during football only basketball and it was a complete cluster trying to get out of?

i have parked there since it’s inception and they do a really good job of getting the traffic out in my opinion.


I agree.

that’s good to know. i have the orange parking pass now.

Hang out and celebrate the wins…

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True, don’t try to get rush out of the garage unless you are willing to leave the game early. It seems like common sense though.

I tend to do a little bit of post game tailgating, so I don’t ever notice any traffic getting out of the garage.

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They improved since the first seasons in the garage but you will wait in line to get out if there is a decent crowd and close game. The UH-Memphis game in 2015 was my worst experience but I did not mind the wait after that finish! That being said, I have yet to find a parking garage at a sporting event where there was not a wait to exit. And, on rainy days, it is nice to park in the garage so I can get the kids in and out without getting the car interior and us soaked.

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What would be really nice would be a pedestrian bridge from the roof of the garage to the stadium. Imagine tailgating on the roof then walking across the bridge to your seats!!

If they had limo’s to pick you up at your vehicle and carry you inside the stadium, that would be optimal . . . . . especially if they supplied liquor in the limo . . . . .

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