Garrett Davis lost for the season

(PortlandCoog) #1

Broken foot. Awful.


Will he get another year?


Doubtful. Only if he was hurt at some point in 2014 and we can spin that.


This sucks!

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #5

Horrible news.

(Brad) #6

Why couldn’t he get a medical redshirt?


Because he already redshirted as a freshman.

Can’t get a 6th year unless BOTH missed seasons are due to injury.

(Will) #8

So sad for him and us


big loss in an already thin area for the team.

(Patrick) #10

If Davis comes back for the bowl game, he won’t be able to apply for a 6th year waiver. Of course, unless the school can show that he was injured in 2014 and that was the reason for his redshirt that season, he may not be able to get a waiver anyway.

(Jay C.) #11

May seem hyperbolic to some, but I truly believe if we don’t lose Garrett on the first drive, we probably beat Tech. As important as Ed is, I think Garrett may be more vital to this defense. With how green we are at LB, having a 3 year starter back there at FS to back them up was huge. 10 tackles 2 picks and 2 PBUs in the first 2 games. I LOVE Grant Stuard, the energy he plays with, hopefully he can fill Garrett’s shoes somewhat.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #12

It sucks because I feel Garrett Davis is the last link to the Jack Boyz defense we had from 2013-2016.

Davis learned a lot in his first two years under Adrian McDonald and Trevon Stewart. He saw the hard hitting and turnover mentality. When he laid out Perine in the OU game that showed that he was ready to take his place as one of the Jack Boyz (we still had Howard Wilson and Brandon Wilson too!)

Since CMD took over the defense, the swagger in the secondary is no longer there. The hard hits…GONE…blitzing and getting sacks…GONE…creating takeaways…GONE!

I’ll say it…CMD killed the Jack Boyz and Third Ward D. He has wasted Ed Oliver’s last two years! That’s criminal to Ed, the University, alumni and the program’s fans.

Imagine Junior Ed Oliver as a part of the 2015 Cougar Defense!


CMD is the worst thing to happen to UH defense. He basically destroyed what Gibbs and Orlando set up.

(Chris) #14

Don’t be surprised if he is back with six weeks. Let’s hope for the best.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #15

If I recall Keenum was redshirted in 06 because we had Kolb at QB. Then in 2010, he tore his ACL in the third game (same as Davis) and got a medical redshirt.

Is there a reason that can’t be explored here as well?

(John Simpson) #16

Case got a 6th year because he hurt his shoulder in the Sr year in high school and that was given as the reason he red-shirted his Fr year at UH.

(gpropes) #17

I know he’s supposed to be the devil incarnate, but Case doesn’t get that sixth year without Art Briles vouching for the shoulder injury as the reason for the redshirt. Art did Case and UH a huge solid.

(Craig Wiggins) #18

There was no doubt Case was hurt his Freshman yr. All you read about him on these boards was how he threw up duck throws. Quack quack arm and so forth. Plus it was well covered in the papers he had dislocated his throwing shoulder in the playoffs. Plus he played on threw for almost a qtr with it hurt. I’m sure that didn’t help it any.

(Patrick) #19

(Dave) #20

Well its not like Army is a pass happy team … JUST THE OPPOSITE …

We have plenty of good FAST RBs to go around …

We stack the line like Navy did with a cover 2 zone … cover the gaps properly … and unlike OU … we should keep Army punting 3 and outs all day …

The knights have NEVER encountered Kendal’s explosive offense … hopefully … Custer had a better chance at the Lil Big Horn if Tune or whoever runs it correctly gets cookin’ like Crazy Horse and his warriors did …